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   Chapter 12 Restoring relationships (Part One)

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In front of a high-end residential area, Wendy, squatting on the edge of the flower bed, looked at the dark window of floor 14, lost in thought.

It's Sam's home. She had been to there for many times, but every time she went there, she would crouch in the corner.

When Wendy was lost in thought, Sam came back, but he didn't see her.

Suddenly, Wendy felt herself so ridiculous. She stepped forward and barred the way of Sam.

"You? Why are you here? " Sam was taken aback.

Wendy face darkened and asked, "Did someone introduce you a girlfriend? "

"How do you know? " Sam went straight to the elevator. Wendy followed his pace.

"Have you already meet her? "

"Why do you ask so many questions? " Sam said impatiently.

"Do you like her? " Wendy still didn't give up.

"What do you mean? " Sam was furious.

"Sam, you're really a bastard! Why are you so cruel to me? Why? " Wendy stamped her feet and shouted.

Sam reminded silent.

"You would rather go on a date with a strange woman than give me a chance. I have been loving you for three years! "

Sam felt his temples throbbing.

Ignoring Wendy, he took out phone and said, "Hello? Security team? What did you do? Someone broke in on the floor 14! "

After a while, several tall security guards rushed up with electric batons. Wendy was scared and burst into tears.

"Dr. Sam, this... "One of the security guards felt strange. He had seen Dr. Sam and this lady come together before. Why did Dr. Sam want to drive this women away this time? Then he realized that they might have a quarrel.

"Dr. Sam, it's common to have conflicts in marriage. There's no reason to drive her out. "

"We're not couple! "They said in one voice.

Wendy was so angry that several security guards couldn't stop her.

"I can leave myself! " She glared at Sam and walked into the elevator.

Sam entered his room and couldn't help but burst into laughter. Through the window, he saw Wendy disappear in the darkness

On the second day, Wendy looked listless at the morning meeting. Sam cast a glance at her from time to time and saw her dozing off in the second row. He felt interesting and laughed silently.

"There are three people who will attend the medical seminar in Malaysia this time. They are Dr. Sam from the psychological surgery department..."

"Hey, hey, hey! Wendy, wake up. Dr. Sam is going abroad! "

As soon as Wendy heard the name of Sam, her mind became clear.

"Go abroad? "

"Sam was referred just now! " Lily said for certain.

Wendy looked at Sam and found Sam was also looking at her.

In the past, Wendy would have been ecstatic, but today, she only looked at him in confusion.

"Wendy, are you okay? " The meeting was over. Lily saw Wendy was still staring at the empty seat and lost in thought.

"What? The meeting was over? Let's go! " Wendy wiped her face and said to Lily.

Lily also understood her feelings at the moment. No one could accept that the person she liked are going to go abroad suddenly.

"In fact, I don't think that's what Dr. Sam wanted. "Lily said.

"Well, I don't care about it. He will come back. "But the Spring Festiv

al was coming soon, he couldn't get back to celebrate this important festival.

"Since everyone is here, I'm going to announce something! " Sherry walked towards the nursing station.

"Dr. Sam will go abroad. Dr. Roy will take over the patients of him in the next month. I hope you guys can cooperate well. "

However, Wendy's expression attracted Sherry's attention.

"There is no other thing. Let's go back to work! Wendy, come with me! "

"Okay!" Wendy exchanged an eye with Lily and hurried to Sherry's office.

"Wendy, let's go home for dinner tonight. "

"What? " Wendy knew that Sherry was referring to her own home. Wendy had been borrowing the house before she moved out and rented with Lily.

"Don't refuse! You haven't been back for a long time. Your brother-in-law and I miss you very much! "

"Okay. I have to work now! " Wendy noticed Sam was standing in the hall, she made an excuse to leave at once. Sherry had no reason but let her leave.

"Sam. "

Sam stopped and turned around to look at her. Wendy didn't say anything and pursed her lips tightly.

"That's the arrangement of the hospital. " Sam was sure that Wendy would ask why he went abroad.

Wendy felt a little uneasy, because Sam had seen through her doubts. At the same time, she was happy that he could explain to her. It seemed that their relationship had changed.

"Are you still angry about what happened last night? I was so reckless... "Wendy asked tentatively.

Sam narrowed his eyes and burst into laughter.

"How dare I? Haven't you always been reckless? "

Wendy found that Sam, who had always been serious, had a brighter smile on his face and was in a better mood. She attributed these changes to herself on the sly.

Sam continued to walk towards his office.

"When are you leaving? "

"I don't know. The appointed time of the hospital is only two days! "

"Is this a public expense trip? "


"I feel a bit jealous. "

"Then I'll give the quota to you." Sam turned to look at Wendy with an amused expression.

Wendy's face flushed and she faltered, "Well…I'm afraid I don't have the luck to take it... "

In a moment, Sam sat upright.

"You have to pay close attention to the patient in bed 175. His condition is a little tricky. Besides, don't let him eat too much salt. Especially at night, the handover must be arranged. I'll hand over the rest to Dr. Roy. He'll arrange it then. "

"Ouch !"Wendy answered carelessly.

"What are you screaming for? " Sam asked.

"Oh, I see!"

Sam found Wendy was so childish at this moment.

"Bed 175, it's time to take medicine! " As soon as she walked out of the office, Wendy pushed the treatment car to make the rounds of the wards. As long as it was arranged by Sam, she would never slack off.

The 175 bed patient was a sixty year old man. Due to years of smoking and alcoholism, liver function degenerated, and he had high blood pressure, high blood fat and heart disease for many years. He had been hospitalized for a while, but no surgery had been arranged. It was not a problem of cost, but his physical condition was indeed not suitable for the surgery!

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