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   Chapter 10 Escape From Death (Part Two)

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"Little girl, it hurts..."

Wendy hurriedly comforted her, "It just hurts for a while. You will be fine. Trust me."

The pregnant woman shook her head.

"Leg My leg hurts... " Her face was very pale, and Wendy was at a loss and didn't know what to do next. She was afraid that the pregnant woman would pass out if she couldn't bear the pain. The blood around her hand was getting thicker and thicker …

"Sam!" She shouted, because she found that the pregnant woman's right leg was stuck in the collapsed place.

"What's wrong?" Sam and Roy said at the same time.

Wendy didn't tell the pregnant woman the truth, because telling her the truth now would only add to her psychological pressure.

"Help me..."

"Come on! Miss. Try harder! You can make it."

The cervix had already been opened. As time passed, Wendy became more and more worried that the situation would become worse.

"Call my brother-in-law Austin! Hurry up! "

Sam took out his phone and called Austin.

"Open the video!" Wendy shouted, and Sam followed her order.

"Wendy, you must keep calm!" Wendy said to herself. She encouraged herself in her heart.

"Wendy, please ask the pregnant woman that is there any problem in the antenatal examination?" Austin asked in the video. There was no reason the baby couldn't come out for so long?

"Yes. The baby was in the wrong position." She was so feeble that she couldn't speak out.

"What should I do?" Wendy asked.

"Wendy, now listen to my order. Get her body straight!" Austin said.

"She can't move!"

"What?" Austin was shocked!

"Her right leg is stuck in the car! She can't move at all!" Wendy said desperately.

"Then You have no choice but to stretch your hand into the vagina to get the baby out! I'll be there soon! "

"What?" Wendy was a little scared.

At this moment, Sam's voice came to Wendy's ears.

"Wendy, don't be afraid. I'm here with you!"

Hearing Sam's words, Wendy feel encouraged. She stretched out her hands slowly into the pregnant woman's vagina.

"I have touched the baby..."She shouted excitedly, and the pregnant woman was also happy and wanted to raise her head.

"If the baby was in a wrong position, take it slowly..." Before Austin finished his words, the baby had come out and its cry resounded through the narrow car.

The people who standing outside the car breathed a sigh of relief!

"Let me have a look..." The pregnant woman said happily.

Wendy wrapped the child up with the coat that Roy gave and put him in her mother's arms.

"It's a boy!" Wendy shouted happily.

Roy looked at his watch.

"The baby was born at two forty-five in the morning of the 1st December in Beijing!"

At this moment, the minibus was gradually crushed deadly.

Sam and Roy were shocked!

"Wendy, the car is going to collapse!"

It was a lie to say that she was not afraid. After all Wendy was in a

young age.

Outside the car, there was an uproar. First, the ambulance arrived, and then the news from the TV station reporters, but there was still no crane.

"Wait!" Seeing the medical staff swarming here, Wendy came outside the car and said.

"You must find a way to keep her legs..."Everyone present knew clearly that the pregnant woman's right leg had lost consciousness. Maybe she would lose her right leg.

There was a sound above their heads, the heavy truck was going to collapse soon and the crowd scattered.

No one was sure how long the heavy truck could hold on.

"I have no choice but to have an amputation!" One of the doctors said to her. When they arrived, the pregnant woman had already fallen asleep, holding her newborn son in her arms and sleeping so soundly.

Wendy couldn't help crying. She couldn't make a decision for anyone.

"Hurry up! It's going to collapse!" Someone in the crowd shouted.


"Ah..."All people were scared to scream!

A heavy object fell on the roof of their car, causing the car to shake violently.

"It's too late. Hurry up!"

The pregnant woman still don't have an amputation. A group of people risked their lives to remove the barrier that stuck her leg.

When the pregnant woman was carried out of the car, Sam and Roy looked at each other, contacting with eyesight. And then they grabbed Wendy and pulled her out of the car quickly. Sam held Wendy tightly and lay on the ground.

"Bang!" In front of them, the car that had just been crushed in an instant was in a blazing fire. The fire spread all over the sky. The three of them were still afraid of standing up, until the rescuers came forward and helped them up.

In a black Rolls-Royce not far away, a cold man's palm tightened when he saw Wendy was in danger. And then relieved when Wendy was safe now. 'At least she was fine!' He thought to himself.

He remembered that his father had told him that the daughter of Brent Company was in A City, his father told him that he had to find her no matter how hard he tried. However, he never considered that God had arranged them to meet for the first time in this way. Well, since everything was destined, wouldn't it be too much for me to play with you? He didn't know that this girl was so stubborn, and it seemed that she had already fallen in love with someone. Then where would he be? He Marvin had never obeyed the arrangement of his family, but now he felt reluctant!

As the ambulance was speeding away, its sound pierced the sky and was pulled farther and farther, after a while, the faint red light of the tail lamp could not be seen!

The man in the car lit a cigarette and said to the driver.

"Go back to the company!"

The driver was confused.

"Mr. Marvin, it's so late." Do you mean you still have to go back to work?

"I asked you to drive back to the company! Follow my order."

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