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   Chapter 9 Escape From Death (Part One)

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When Roy caught up with Wendy, he found her standing at the door of the hotel in a daze.

"Are you okay? " He walked over and gently patted her on the back.

Wendy slowly raised her misty eyes, sniffed and didn't shed a tear.

All of a sudden, Roy crazily held her in his arms.

"Forget Sam and come to me, okay?"

At that moment, Wendy had no ideas what to do. The sudden change of Roy made it difficult for her to resist. She tried her best to push him away.

"Dr. Roy, I don't understand what you are talking about."

"Wendy, are you really stupid? Anyone with a discerning eye can see that you like Sam. "

"I like him. So what? That's my freedom! "

"But he doesn't like you at all!"

"He will like me!" She trembled violently and burst into tears.

At this moment, the guests scattered in all directions. They were standing at the gate of the hotel, and the loud noise attracted countless attention.

As the night wind blew, Wendy squatted on the ground and tightened her arms. Roy quickly took off his suit jacket and covered it on her.

"I'm going to take my car. Can you wait for me here?" Then he walked towards the parking lot.

When he came back, he had found that Wendy disappeared. He looked for her carefully at the night, and saw a red figure slowly moving forward.

"BeepBeep! Beep! Beep

Wendy turned a deaf ear to the siren behind her. Roy knew that what she needed most at the moment was a moment of silence, so he didn't whistle anymore. He just drove the car at a low speed, following her.

The wind pulled up her long hair, and her face under the black hair was unusually pale. In the thick night, she was like a miserable female ghost!

"Bang!" A deafening sound was heard. For a moment, the lights of the car in front of the road were on, and the police came soon.

Both Wendy and Roy were stunned.

All of a sudden, Wendy ran forward. Not knowing what was going on, Roy just speeded up to follow her.

Under the pier not far away, the roof of a heavy truck was covered with thick black smoke, and its body was still burning with fire!

Wendy shouted in panic, "Sam! Where are you, Sam? "

As soon as Roy parked the car, he heard her crying from a distance.

It turned out that she was trying to keep up with Sam.

"Wendy, Wendy! Calm down! "

"How can I calm down? I saw Sam drive this way! Why didn't he reply me when I called him? Something must have happened to him? " A terrible idea grew in Wendy's mind. She was so worried about Sam.

"We don't know yet. How do you know that Sam was in an accident?"

Wendy cried in a low voice, which means that she agreed to him.

"Let's go and ask about the situation first." Seeing that she was in a bad mood, Roy couldn't say anything but to go to find the rescuers first.

"Oh, my God! Why

is she so unlucky? It seems that the baby is about to be born, but now she is in an accident." The private car drivers behind all got off the car and talked to each other on the side of the road.

"I begged that she is alright. Didn't a doctor go to save her? "

Wendy suddenly stood up and ran to that man, grabbed him and asked.

"Mister, is the doctor you just mentioned a tall, thin and handsome young man?"

"Yes! His car is still here! "

Wendy looked in his direction and fell to the ground.

"What? Miss, are you okay? "

Knowing that Sam was ok, Wendy felt assured. She couldn't hide her excitement and sobbed.

When Roy was asking about the situation ahead, he suddenly heard the voice of Wendy.

"I'm a nurse from the First Hospital."

"Come with me!" One rescuer said.

Wendy begged the rescuer with great effort to take her to the accident scene. Behind the heavy truck in the accident, there was a private minibus with a rear end collision. The victim was a pregnant woman who was now in a very critical situation. Since the minibus was embedded in the heavy truck, the rescue team could only wait for the crane to light up the heavy truck, but the pregnant woman might not be able to wait. She was in a risk.

The closer she got to the car, the faster Wendy walked! She was eager to see Sam as soon as possible.


Sam was sweating and he turned around when he heard the voice.

"Why are you here? How dangerous it was? Get out now! " Upon hearing Sam's words, Wendy burst into tears.

"I come here to help you!"

Sam wanted to say something more, but the pregnant woman's painful scream disturbed his thoughts!

"How many fingers did the cervix open?" Wendy asked.

"Five..." Sam answered.

"How long has the amniotic fluid outflew?"

"……" Sam didn't answer, because he didn't know.

"Well, Sam, you can go out first!" Wendy knew that Sam majored in cardiac surgery, not gynecology and obstetrics in the university. He was not good at handling this, but she was different. She majored in assistant obstetrics and did the best at school.

"Miss, listen to me. Take a deep breath! Don't use too much strength. The cervix is still not open, and the baby can't get out! "

"I'm in a panic. Where is my husband? " The pregnant woman said.

"It's normal to feel panic. Your husband is outside. He is waiting for you to give birth to a fat baby!"

"It hurts..."

By the time Wendy looked again, the cervix had been opened to seven fingers. What's worse, at this moment, the heavy truck above their heads was very likely to smash into the minibus that carried three lives.

Outside the car.

"Will Wendy be okay?" Roy came over and asked Sam.

"I trust her," said Sam, looking at the car has sank down half to the heavy truck.

In the car.

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