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   Chapter 8 The Year-end Party Ⅱ (Part Two)

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Wendy stood in front of the gate and didn't know what to do. Suddenly, her wrist was grabbed by someone. Sam took her hand around his arm and led her into the hall.

Wendy was so excited that she stared at the side face of Sam all the way. She was afraid it was a dream and Sam would disappear the next second.

"Is there any wrong on my face? " Sam knew Wendy was staring at him even though he looked steadily forward.

"You're so handsome! " Wendy answered blankly.

"I should keep an eye on you. What if it's just a dream? "

Sam chuckled.

"Why did Roy send you here? "

"Oh Well Dr. Roy We met by chance... "

Sam didn't want to ask whether Sam was telling the truth. He looked her up and down, and found her appearance was appealing today.

"Your clothes today..."

Like a candidate waiting for interviewer's judgment, Wendy was so nervous that her fingers twisted together.

"Very beautiful! " Although his words were still cold and his eyes were cold as well, it was enough to make Wendy smile brightly.

Sam was in a daze and coughed.

At this time, several strange men and women approached.

"I've heard that Dr. Sam will attend the party this year. But I hadn't believed it! " One of them said in a sharp voice, as if she was afraid that others would not know.

"Yes, Dr. Sam was used to be alone. He never took part in such activities with partners. It seems that this year..." A man caught sight of Wendy suddenly and his eyes burst out of greed. It was the common eyes to lecherous people.

"This lady is really charming! " Then he reached out his hand to Wendy.

Wendy avoided him skillfully. When she turned around, she saw Sam's face darken.

Wendy explained hastily, "Dr. Sam just likes quiet. How can you judge him in this way? "

Unexpectedly, Sam left her alone without saying a word.

Wendy froze in place, and those people laughed as if they were watching a good show.

Wendy tried to find Sam in the crowd, but she couldn't make it.

A gust of cold wind blew, but Wendy, who wore a strapless long dress, didn't feel cold at all. With a bitter smile, she squatted down and hugged herself in a daze.

Through the thick glass window, Roy looked straight at the helpless girl. After swallowing a mouthful of wine, his father patted him from behind.

"Where is the girl you promised to show me today? "

With a self mocking smile, Roy bypassed his father.

"Uncle, Long time no see... "

Wendy felt her tears seemed to be condensed in eyes. She sniffed then rubbed her arms and stood up to encourage herself.

As soon as Wendy entered the hall, she saw Sherry was looking around. Wendy put away her sadness and was about to walk towards Sherry. But a man rushed into her suddenly.


tch out! " Three voices rang out!

Wendy was knocked around. Because she seldom wore high heels, she got wrench in this accident. Regardless of the pain on her ankle, she found herself in a hot embrace when she recovered herself.

It was Sam. She was surprised and delighted. Regardless of the pain on her feet, she heard the soothing music came slowly. Coincidentally, she fell in the middle of the dancing floor, and Sam helped her up.

Meeting the eyes of the people around them, Sam leaned gracefully, with his left hand behind his back and his right hand reaching out to Wendy.

"My princess, I eventually find you. "

For a moment, Wendy thought Sam have fallen in love with her, if there weren't so many people watching them affectionately. But one's eyes couldn't deceive others. No matter how hard Sam tried, he couldn't be a good actress without any emotion in his eyes.

A sharp pain came from her foot. Wendy slowly put her hand on Sam's palm.

"You do this for yourself or... "Wendy was referring to what he had just said and she looked forward to something.

"What do you think? " Although he gave an ambiguous answer, Wendy knew that it couldn't be because of her. She felt a little depressed

"Hi! Man, Let's change our partner. "

The voice came from the man closest to them. Wendy remembered that he was the man she met this afternoon in the shop.

"No..."Wendy said in a low voice and turned her face to the other side naturally.

"Do you know him? "

"No? "

"Hi! Wendy. " Marvin approached Wendy and whispered near her ear.

"Then I'll go first! " Sam suddenly said.

"What? You! " Before she finished her words, she was spun out and fell into another man's arms.

"Wendy, let's have a talk! "

"I have nothing to talk to you! " Wendy tried to get rid of him, but was stuck by him.

"Let go of me! "

"You took my partner's clothes. Shouldn't you compensate me for a dance? " Wendy felt like weeping but had no tears. There is no doubt she bought the clothes first, OK?

Wendy looked at the direction that Sam leaved, and his back had disappeared.

"What do you want? "

"Hey! Wendy, I want to sleep with you, but this is not a good place. But if you want, I'll settle for! "

"Bastard! Let go of me! " Wendy was ashamed into anger and bumped into the man's forehead. Her high coiled hair was not fixed deliberately in order to have a sense of flurry. At this moment, it poured down like a waterfall and scattered behind her back. The music was still going on, but the people on the dance floor stopped and looked at her.

Marvin was so stunned by her beauty, and he even forgot to dodge Wendy's attack.

Seeing the farce, Roy followed Wendy when he noticed she was stumbling to leave.

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