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   Chapter 7 The Year-end Party Ⅱ (Part One)

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"Wendy, are you going back now? " Lily couldn't leave because she was on duty today.

"I'd like to go home to change clothes and make up. "Wendy said.

"Don't forget to bring a coat. It's cold outside today! " Lily said.

"Ouch! Honey, the year-end party is held in the room. It won't be too cold! " Wendy laughed.

"Wendy, are you going back now? "

"Dr. Roy, why don't you go to the party first? " Wendy was surprised. She thought Roy should have been waiting for guests in the hotel as the son of the hospital head.

"I'm waiting for you! I've brought a dress for you. Do you want to have a try? "Roy took out an exquisite box from behind. Wendy noticed it was a limited edition of Chanel.

"Sorry, I've already bought a dress! "

A trace of disappointment flashed across Roy's face, but it disappeared immediately. He right away put on a bright smile and said, "Really? Do you have the confidence to be the most charming women in today's party? "

"You're so superficial! " Wendy glanced at him.

Because of what had happened yesterday, Wendy didn't hold any hope on Sam anymore. She had prepared everything by herself. And now, she got a ready-made driver here.

"Hey! Is your car in good condition today? " Seeing Roy was holding the box in a daze and didn't react, she continued, "Or forget. I'll take the bus myself. "

Roy said quickly. "Wait a minute, Where are you going? Please take my car! " Wendy looked at him with amusement.

"It's free! I promise it goes well! " Seeing that he promised, Wendy laughed.

"Let's go to the downtown! "

She came to the clothing shop with the word "P" again.

"Excuse me, have you cleaned the dress? " Wendy asked politely, but the shop assistant hemmed and hawed, saying that she needed to ask shop manager.

Roy was walking around the shop. He was a little angry when the shop assistant leaved for a long time.

"What brand store? The service is so bad! "

"I also feel a little strange. The people here are all very sly! They're so high-headed. "Wendy said in surprise.

While they were talking, the shop manage came out with clothes from office room.

"Miss, I'm really sorry. The salesgirls aren't familiar with stock. In fact, this dress was already ordered by a gentleman. They didn't know..."

"Wait a minute! No one told me that this dress had been booked yesterday and I had paid the bill. This dress should belong to me. " Wendy said firmly.

"Yes, yes! But ... "

"Is this your service attitude? You didn't tell me in advance. How do you deal with this condition now? Are you not going to sell it? "

"Miss, would you like to see something else? "

"Anything else? I paid the full price for this dress! I want this one! "

The shop manager was also a little angry. But the shop manager kept apologizing to Wendy considering it was their own fault.

"The shop is so noisy. " A bantering male voice cut in.

"Mr. Marvin! " The salesgirls immediately walked up to him.

"Where are the clothes I want? " The man came straight to the point. T

he shop manager was about to cry.

"Mr. Marvin, there are a few new shop assistants who are thoughtless... Clothes have been sold out... " Wendy turned around and looked at the man carefully.

He was handsome undoubtedly, but seemed a bit arrogant. His refined suit and a pair of glasses, he looked like a polished scoundrel.

She looked at the man up and down, and the man also looked at her in the same way. Wendy felt uncomfortable being stared at by such a blatant gaze and stared back fiercely.

"What are you looking at? I have bought this clothes. Don't trouble them! "

"Oh? It seems you have the same fashion taste with me. But I booked it first. " These words gave people an invisible sense of oppression.

Roy, who had been watching the drama aside, became vigilant as soon as he saw the man.

"Wow! Who do I think it is? She was your new girlfriend? Well, for your sake, I don't compete with you for the clothes. " The man sneered.

"Marvin!" Roy said angrily. Wendy was stunned. It seemed that these two people were quite familiar.

"You know each other? " She whispered to Roy.

"Mr. Roy is shopping with a woman! What a big news! ! Can I think she is your future wife? "

"Hey! Why are so noisy? "

Roy took the bag from the shop manager and pulled Wendy over. "Why did you talk to him? Let's go! "

"See you tonight!" Marvin yelled to them.

As soon as Marvin turned around, his face immediately became cold. He casually looked through the VIP list at the shopping guide's hand and noticed the name Wendy.

He was familiar with this name.

This farce waste a lot of time. Roy urged Wendy to get on as soon as she put clothes on and finished make-up.

"You are so beautiful today. I'm really good at picking female companion. "

Wendy was very happy of Roy's praise first, but the next second, she fell out with him.

"Who is your female companion? I'm Sam's. Don't be so confident, okay? "

"Creak!" There was a harsh sound because of the sudden brake, and the atmosphere in the car suddenly dropped. Sometimes being straightforward was also a sin.

"Well... Well... I mean... You're so excellent. There must be a lot of girls who want to be your female companion... " Wendy felt very anxious.

"Not all girls..."

"Not all girls like me, such as you. " Roy spoke out what Wendy thought.

"Okay, Wendy, I know your heart. "

The car continued to drive on the road, and they were speechless all the way.

The year-end party was the arena of the upper class. As a funded hospital, the First Hospital was supported by shareholders who were elites in all walks of life. This year's party was held in this city's best hotel.

When they arrived at the destination, Wendy finally knew why Roy insisted on picking her up today. Wendy Looked around and found the worst car parked at the gate of the hotel was a Bentley. If she had come alone, she would definitely have come by taxi. Thinking of this, she cast a grateful glance at Roy, but he had already turned around and entered the venue.

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