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   Chapter 6 The Annual Meeting (Part One)

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"Hi! Wendy! " At the beginning of the new week, she didn't expect that the first person she saw was the playboy Roy.

Wendy turned around and ignored him.

"Don't you think there is something special between us?"

"Why do you think so?" Wendy smashed the cure tray on the treatment wheel and was about to go back to the therapeutic room, but she didn't expect that he continued to talk.

"Look, both of our names' pronunciation sounds like a little alike, it's a fate!" Wendy suddenly felt that she had underestimated him all the time. He was not only good at echoing, but also narcissistic. Now his ability of making up lies was impressing!

Wendy didn't want to talk to him anymore. She opened a new syringe and pointed it at Roy.

"Either die or get out!"

Roy swallowed and looked at something behind her.


Wendy believed in his words and turned around. At that moment, her wrist was grabbed and the needle in her hand was taken away by Roy.

"Dr. Roy, there are many patients in the hospital. As a doctor, it is your duty make the rounds of the wards but you... No wonder people always say that you didn't take responsibility at all!"

"Well. Just let them talk as they like."

"……" Wendy was extremely depressed.

"Well, I come to see you because there is an annual meeting on Wednesday night. Only doctors could be invited. You should be glad that you make a friend with me! I have prepared the invitation card for you alone! "

"I'd rather never have you as my friend..." Wendy whispered in a low voice. But when she realized that he had just said that only doctors could be invited, didn't that mean that Sam would also be invited?

She grabbed the invitation immediately.

"Thank you, Dr. Roy!"

Regardless of his hand in the air, she left quickly with the treatment wheel.

She couldn't wait to find Sam. As soon as she arrived at Sam's office, Sherry and brother-in-law happened to be there. She didn't expect that. When she was about to return, Sherry had noticed her and stopped her going away.

"Hi? Come here, Wendy! "

Wendy had to walk over.

"Sherry, Austin, Dr. Sam!" Wendy greeted one by one.

Looking at the invitation card in her hand, Sherry smiled and said, "You know what? Sam needs a female companion. Someone here can be his companion!"

Wendy knew that she was someone. She looked at Sherry gratefully and then looked at Sam with expectation.

"Yes. Sam, do you want to go to the annual meeting alone?" Austin said.

Sam cast a glance at his friend, but said nothing.

All of a sudden, Wendy realized that for so long, he had been talking to her only for the sake of her sister and brother-in-law. Was he in a dilemma now?

"Shetty, Austin, in fact, I have..."

"All right, Wendy. Let's pick a dress tomorrow afternoon!"

His attitude changed so fast that they all couldn't react quickly, especially Wendy. When she heard him call her name, she couldn't help reaching out her hand to cover his forehead.

"Dr. Sam You Are you serious? "

At that moment they couldn't help laughing.

Afraid that Sam would change his mind, Wendy stayed at his office once she got out of work with full of joy!

"Dr. Sam, this patient's situation is a little tricky. I'm afraid..." Wendy heard the words outside the door, then she knew that Sam had to stay to work now.


"Wait a minute." he walked towards her.

"Have you got out of work?" He asked.

"Well, if you have something to do, just go ahead with your work. I can go by myself! " She still had a sweet smile on her face, but it was a little stiff.

"Sorry I will pick you up after you finish picking the dress. "

"No, thank you. I can go home by myself, but About the party at tomorrow night Don't break your promise... "Wendy said in a low voice and Sam didn't hear the last few words.

As soon as she walked out of the hospital, Wendy took a deep breath, trying to hold back the sadness and not crying. Then she took out her phone and called Ellen.

"Hey! I need your advice! Ellen. "

Wendy knew she was not sensitive to fashion, so she asked Ellen, who was good at dressing, to give her advice.

"Ha-ha. Girls will feel pleasant if they are good-looking. Our girl Wendy has finally understood the meaning of it!"

"No. There will be an annual meeting. So I need you to help me choose the dress!" With a straw in her mouth, Wendy handed another glass of cola to Ellen.

"What? Just a cup of coke? After all, I came from the south district to the north district. You just treat me a cup of coke? " Hearing her words, Wendy immediately pulled her to sit down next to her. It was at dusk, people were taking a walk outside, and they were in the park chosen by Wendy! It's crowded there.

"Ellen! I'm going to tighten my belt after buying the dress. It's lucky to have a cup of cola."

"Why don't you ask your father for pocket money?" As soon as Ellen said this, she realized that she couldn't mention that and then scolded herself for being stupid. After hearing her words, Wendy's little face immediately collapsed!

Ellen quickly changed the topic.

"All right, all right. Aren't you going to pick a dress? Show me the way! "

Ellen knew that although Wendy was a careless girl, she had her own thoughts. If she didn't want to say, there is no need to ask. As long as you didn't step on her bottom line, she would be polite to you.

This kind of banquet was like Vanity Fair. Wendy was not as nervous as she t

hought. On the contrary, she was calm. What she wanted was to attract the attention of Sam, so she had to pay attention on clothes. Even if she didn't do it for herself, she couldn't lose Sam's face. Once she showed up tonight, there must be rumors among people. Then she needn't pay much attention on what might happen between she and Sam. They might be together one day.

As soon as she walked into a clothing shop, a shopping guide immediately greeted her.

"Miss, what can I do for you?"

"We have a look first!" Hearing this, the shopping guide lost enthusiasm. According to their experience, they were sure that Wendy was just like other customers who would not buy a dress at all. Did she regard this international brand shop as a vegetable market? The shopping guide walked aside with a disappointing face and looked at them warily with her colleagues, wondering if they would touch those precious silks unconsciously!

Ellen picked a few pieces, but none of them attracted Wendy's attention. She felt a little tired, so she sat aside and let Wendy pick dresses by herself.

Wendy would carefully choose every limited edition dress that was personally made by an international well-known master, but none of them met her requirements. The shopping guide was annoyed and said sourly.

"Miss, our clothes are all top-grade silk, not the curtain cloth on the roadside! Every piece of dress is designed and made by our chief designer! "

Wendy didn't annoy her.

"Yes! The quality of the material was good, while the quality of this person Not good! "

The shopping guide wanted to reject her scorn, but Wendy quickly went away!

At the end of the wardrobe hung a very solemn Chinese red dress, which was made of tribute silk and designed with a low neckline. The design with a strong sense of decoration highlighted the noble and elegant. Inlaid and embroidered, the thin folds of the collar, gorgeous lace, bowknot, roses, giving people a classical and orthodox feeling!

At a glance, Wendy seemed to be captivated.

"Take this off. I want to have a try!"

The shopping guide glanced at her scornfully, and she didn't move at all!

Wendy had known that the employees in such a shop were a little stingy. After thinking for a long time, she slowly took out a black card and showed it in front of the saleswoman!

The shopping guide was so impressed. She did as she said in a hurry!

"Swish a card!" The curtain of the fitting room was open. Wearing a red dress, Wendy looked taller than usual. Her long hair was down to her waist. Ellen was so surprised and couldn't believe that the girl in front of her was Wendy.

"Wow! People did rely on clothes to look well! Wendy, I can't believe it. You are so beautiful!" Except for the exclamation of Ellen, the shopping guides were also impressed by the temperament of Wendy. It seemed that this dress was specially made for her!

Someone sensible immediately held a pair of simple but noble red high-heeled shoes for Wendy, which made the best of each other!

"Still need some ornament!" Thinking for a while, Ellen turned around and walked around the shop again, returned with a pearl necklace and a luxurious handbag in her hand!

In the past, Ellen had thought that Wendy's neck was very beautiful. If this necklace was worn on someone else's neck, it would look vulgar. On the contrary, she would look more beautiful!

"In my opinion, if you put this bag on, you will be the center of spotlight." Then Ellen put the bag back.

Wendy looked at her with a smile, "then Pay the bill? "

"Yes! "what? Why is the hemline a little dirty? " As Ellen was saying, Wendy bent down and saw that some parts of her dress were indeed stained with dust!

"What should I do?"

"Miss, if you don't mind, please left the dress in our shop and we will help you deal with it!" The shopping guide said.

"Well..." Wendy looked embarrassed.

"Or you can come here to pick it up tomorrow." The shopping guide was a little nervous. It was not easy to find a rich guy, so they had to serve her well, fearing that Wendy would repent and didn't buy it.

"Okay. But I have to make a deal first. You cannot sell it to anyone else!"

"Yes, yes!"

When Wendy was about to pay at the counter, she pointed at the clothes that Ellen had unwillingly seen before and said to the shopping guide.

"Pack them all." She waved the black card in her hand!

The shopping guides did as she said!

"Wow! Did you rob the bank? How can you pay them all?" Ellen took a look at the label and was surprised to find that only a pair of shoes was worth more than five figures.

"Huh! It's for you in return!" Wendy lifted the bag that containing the shoes, and gave the other bags to Ellen.

Ellen was shocked! "Wait! Tell me, where did you get the money? "

Wendy gave a melancholy smile, which enlightened Ellen.

"You are a rich guy, please do me a favor if I need you!"

After they left, another shop assistant went in.

"Manager!" It is surprised that she was the manager of this shop!

"Eh? Why did you take it out? "

"The two ladies took a fancy to this dress just now. There is some dust at the hem of it. We are going to deal with it!" An assistant said.

"What? This is the dress Mr. Su ordered. How dare you touch it? " The manager suddenly was in a cold sweat.

"Well But we have already sold it to that lady Besides, Mr. Su didn't pay the deposit... "

"What you did was to make troubles for me!"

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