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   Chapter 5 Three People Walk Together

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In the office, there was a girl lying on the bed which was used to examine patient.

The nurses outside were all curious about why Dr. Sam ended the operation so early today.

Slowly opening eyes, Wendy felt a sharp pain in her eyes because of the chandelier on the ceiling. So she turned her head instinctively and wondered where she was?

Suddenly, Wendy noticed a pair of eyes looking over her. A nurse who was neither familiar nor strange stood by the bed and looked at her.

"Where am I? " She sat up and asked.

"This is Dr. Sam's office! "

"Oh..." Wendy's brain was in a mess. When she realized what had happened, she screamed, "ah! Is this Dr. Sam's office? Why am I here? Oh! I have to leave now. What will he do when he comes back and see me here? " Wendy got out of bed in a hurry and put her shoes on.

"Why are you in such a hurry? Dr. Sam brought you back! " The nurse said casually.

He! Brought! You! Back! Brought me back! Oh my god! Wendy couldn't help but feel happy! She laughed out loud.

"Is she awake? " As Wendy chatted with the nurse, there seemed to be a sound of pushing the door. Then the man approached steadily, and a cold voice came through without opening the curtain.

Taking advantage of the interval of the nurse's answering to Sam, Wendy buried herself into the quilt!

Unexpectedly, she was pulled up by the man. "Get up! "

Wendy sat on the edge of the bed with frustration, and her face was full of grief and indignation. Sam would always bump into her when she felt humiliated, which made her grief. And that he treated her so violently this time made her angry!

"Don't you know how to be tender to women? " Wendy roared!

"Oh, I'm sorry! But why should I treat you tenderly? "

"You..." She was about to complain, but when she saw the warning in Sam eyes, her words softened.

"What about the operation while you are away? "

"Thanks to you! Dr. Roy has been working in the operating room alone for more than half a day! "

Wendy looked through the window, it was surely near the sunset.

Wendy pouted, "You said he graduated from Royal Medical School, It's just a small operation, but he needs your help. You're really wasting your talent! "

"I think you are almost awake. Get out of here! " Sam said as he sat back in chair.

"Okay." No matter how reluctant she was, Wendy didn't want to see any impatience on his face! What's more, Sam looked really tired!


As soon as she walked out of the dressing room, Wendy saw Dr. Roy leaning against the wall in the corridor.

Wendy ignored him and walked past him.

"Hey, hey, hey! You agreed to have a cup of coffee with me! " Roy followed her from behind.

"Where are we going to have coffee now?" Wendy raised her wrist letting Roy see her watch, and Roy took the opportunity to grab her hand, then nodded.

"Yes! Then what should we do? "

Wendy struggled with a bitter smile, but the strength gap between men and women made her can't escape but feel painful.

"Dr. Roy, do you have the habit of holding others' hands when you speak? "

"I'm not used to be, but I get this habit now! " What a shameless behavior!

"Let me go!" Wendy tried her best to get rid of him.

"What are you doing?" Sam happened to see this scene when he went out.

"As medical staff, you are making so much noises in the corridor. How can the patient rest? "

Roy let go of Wendy after hearing Sam's words. "I was just kidding her! Wendy, let me drive you home! "

Wendy didn't want to lose her temper because of Sam, so she said, "No, thanks. My home is very close to the hospital! "

"It's late now. You two should go back now! " After saying that, Sam strode away with poker face.

Looking at his back, Wendy felt so depressed.

"He has gone away. What are you looking at? " Roy followed her eyes and teased.

"Let's go! "

In the parking lot downstairs, Wendy had already got out of the car, because Roy's car was on strike today. However, he was still trying to start the engine.

"What? Did you forget to refusal? " The street lamp had been on now, and Wendy was exhausted.

"I'm really sorry. "Roy waved his hand in embarrassment.

"If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have believed you. I would have taken a bus just now! I don't even have the last bus now! "

"Let's go home on foot!"

Wendy pouted.

"Beep Beep! Beep! Beep...A whistle rang behind her. It was Sam!

Wendy immediately walked up to him.

"Dr. Sam, haven't you left yet? "

"The car of the president is just so so!" He sneered at Roy and said to Wendy, "Get in the car. Do you want to stay in there until tomorrow morning? "

what? She Did she get it wrong? Sam...Could he let her get in the car?

"Is that true? Did I hear it wrong? " Wendy leaned against the window of Sam's car like a hungry squirrel!

"You can still hesitate for three seconds! "

Roy had already gotten on without any embarrassment. Wendy wanted to sit on the passenger seat at first, but Roy made trouble for her again.

"Ahem Ahem... "

"Did you have a cold? " Wendy said through gritted teeth.

The two men asked at the same time, "What did you say? "


Wendy realized she asked Roy with accent because of anger. Being awkward, she opened the door and sat in the back seat.

What was this?

There was a moment of silence in the car. Wendy tried to find a topic to talk about.

"Uh Today... How is the operation going? "

"It's a great success. Dr. Roy can successfully finish every operation! "

Wendy was speechless after hearing about his answer.

"Are you regretful that you didn't get a chance to see me have an operation? "

Wendy remained silent.

Roy was just a chatterbox. Once he started talking, it would be endless.

"You know what……"

Um... 'Sam and I have nothing to do.'

Wendy wanted to see Sam's face, so she tried her best to look at him in the rear-view mirror. In this way, she felt comfortable because she didn't have to confront his cold words.

Roy was still talking. Wendy gradually fell asleep.

When she got home, she was still in a daze. She regretted that the road was too short. She said goodbye to Sam, then glared at the cheeky Roy, finally she turned her head and walked away. Her footstep made the control lights of each floor on.

The news that Wendy passed out the first time she entered the operating room spread all over the class. When she came back to school to visit her head teacher this weekend, even her head teacher made fun of her.

"You guys.. Why my friends are so active in gossip? Why? " Wendy sighed!

"You have been unknown in the school for a few years. I didn't expect that you could make a splash during your internship! " Phoebe spoke.

Wendy glared at her, "Bad news travels fast! "

Phoebe and other roommates all burst into laughter.

"Ah! Well, let's go shopping this weekend! "Ellen said. Ellen was a little bit narcissistic and also cute. She liked shopping, but didn't like to go shopping alone, so every time she went shopping, she would ask all roommates accompany her.

On weekend, there were more people in the department store than usual.

"What do you want to buy?" Wendy disliked wandering around with no specific aim.

"Clothes! " Ellen led the group straight to the clothing city.

Wendy and Rachel whispered, "Ellen's internship salary must be all contributed to her fashion career! "

"I think so! "

Girls always wanted to buy whatever they saw when they went shopping. But Ellen was different. She was very picky, but she always didn't know what she really wanted to buy.

Wendy didn't expect to meet Sam in the furniture store.

"What? Look! Isn't that Wendy's dream lover? "

Yet at some point, Wendy's friends started to call Sam "Wendy's dream lover" in private.

"Why are you standing there? Go and say hello! " Christina pushed Wendy.

"Hi! Dr. Sam, what a coincidence! "

Sam didn't respond. He just nodded and turned to the shop assistant. Wendy followed him.

"Dr. Sam, do you want to buy furniture? "

"Yes. "

"Sir, we have just got some new beds designed by Europe designers. Would you like to have a try? I promise you and your wife will have good sleep with this bed! " The salesgirl tried her best to peddle the new type of bed.

Wendy blushed at her words. Sam pretended to cough and was about to explain, but Wendy interrupted him.

"Oh? What kind of bed? "

"Please come here. "

"Wow!" Wendy was marveled at the bed's size and couldn't help sitting on the bed which was seemingly a little bigger than her room. The salesgirl was peddling the bed with enthusiasm, but Sam's face became sullen gradually.

Finally, the salesgirl said, "If a couple bought the bed, they will be given forty percent off! "

Wendy was totally attracted by the discounts. The regular price of the bed was more than 30000 dollars. Wouldn't it be 18000 with the discounts?

Ignoring Sam, Wendy signed the bill. But when she saw Wendy's irritated expression, she said with a fake smile, "The gentleman is going to pay the bill. "

Sam lowered his voice. "I didn't say I wanted to buy a bed. I didn't have a wife as well. "

"Ha ha..." Wendy whispered to Sam while looked at salesgirl with fake smile, "I've pretended I'm your wife, so you can saved 12000 dollars! You should thank me! "


"Sir, please register your home address so that we can deliver the goods to your home! "

"Dr. Sam, please pay the bill! " Looking at Wendy's complacent smile, Sam's memory came back.

After Sam paid the bill and went out, Wendy had already disappeared.

"Hey! Have you lost your soul? " Ellen patted Wendy's head, but there was no response. After Wendy came out from the shop, she had a silly smile on her face all the time.

Rachel said, "Did you have some intimate behavior with Sam?"

Immediately, all of them were boiling with excitement and looked her up and down carefully.

Ray said, "Her mouth was not swollen. I remember Rachel's mouth swollen after her date."

Rachel said hotly, "I didn't. You must have misremembered."

Wendy waved her hand, and strode forward alone.

Then she looked back and said, "I'm a little hungry. Let's go for dinner. My treat today. Do you want to come along?"

It seemed that Wendy was really in a good mood.

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