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   Chapter 4 Dr. Roy

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"Don't go!" After hearing his frivolous words, although Wendy didn't hate him, she didn't like him at all!

"Wow! Little beauty, I didn't expect you to be so stubborn to like such strong bitter coffee! " How could he He grabbed the coffee from her hand and As if nothing had happened And drunk it. He drunk it!

She glared at him!

"Hello? Little beauty, oh... "He looked down at the coffee and continued to smile cynically. "I don't mind that you have drunk it."

Wendy felt speechless at that moment. 'Why you think yourself so good?

The man in front of her was Roy, the well-known playboy in the First Hospital. Because of his dissolute character and his statue, the son of the hospital director, people felt that he was a little ignorant when he entered the First Hospital. As a result, in this overcrowded hospital, he could still wander around in such a leisurely way even though doctors and nurses were so busy!

"Dr. Roy, don't you have a date today?" Wendy said sarcastically.

"Ah! Thank you for reminding me! My dear little beauty! " His action of slapping his forehead amused Wendy. She giggled, like a wind bell, floating in the wind.

With a charming smile, Dr. Roy asked, "are you a new nurse here? Tell me, what happened to you? "

"Unhappy? Nothing! " Wendy was confused.

"Oh? Then why did you hide here alone? " Then he looked at the coffee that had been snatched from her hand and said, "it's a cup of coffee with good taste. But I don't know what kind of sadness hidden in the bottom of your heart so that you can swallow such a bitter thing." He took another sip as if he was talking to himself.

Wendy was drenched all over, and then a gust of strong wind blew. Suddenly she recognized the confusion in her heart after hearing his words. What experiences did Sam have in the past? How could she forget how embarrassed she was!

In the distance, Lily was surprised to see Wendy and Roy coming side by side. When she approached, she greeted them politely.

"I haven't seen you for a while. Where are you? Just now, Miss Bai kept nagging. I became the scapegoat for many times! " When Roy walked far away, Lily held Wendy and started to complain.

"All right, all right. I know you are wronged! I have kept it in mind! " She patted her chest.

"What? How did you know this playboy? "

"I don't think we know each other? We are all in the same department. We can see each other easily every day... "

"Dr. Sam," words stuck in the throat when Wendy saw Sam, the cool man, a few meters away.

"You two come with me!"

In the office, Sherry was also there.

"Head nurse, there are only two interns in our department this year. They have worked for most of the time. I'll take them to the operating room today." Although Wendy didn't know why Sam suddenly made such an arrangement, nurses are not easy to work in the operating room. Moreover, everything in the internship had to be arranged by the instructor!

"That's good. I'm worried that they don't have enough experience on the spot!" Sherry was very happy.

"There's an operation this afternoon. You can go back work now." He glanced at Wendy unconsciously.

Wendy was thrilled. Having imaged this scene for a long time, she finally could see Sam's heroic figure on the operating table. A picture flashed through her mind

On the operating table, she looked at Sam's chiseled face and felt his orderly breathing.

"Wipe my sweat!" He gave an order like a king.


"Hemostatic clamp!"

"Here you are!"

It seemed that nothing was around them. There were only them in the operating room Then Kiss Then Make out with him.

"Ah! I'm so ashamed... " Thinking of this, she couldn't help but shout out in a low voice, completely forgetting that she was in the corridor outside the office. The patients who came by stared at her as if they were looking at a lunatic. Her eyes were full of amorous feelings, and her cheeks were flushed. Her hands were holding her chin, and she almost drooled.

"Hey!" Suddenly, he slapped her on the shoulder, which brought her back to her senses.

"Dr. Roy?" Wendy looked around and didn't see Lily.

"Stop looking for her. Your friend must think you are too shameful!" With a typical sunny smile on his face, many girls passing by were attracted by Roy's charming smile, except Wendy.

"Dr. Roy, are you free today?" She always disdained to talk to such playboy.

"Well, I am not busy at all. So I try to do something to entertain myself."

"Oh!" Suddenly, Wendy covered her mouth and burst into laughter. "What a joke! The playboy was going to turn over a new leaf and work hard! Hahaha! "

Roy didn't get angry. "Hahaha!" Then he also burst into laughter.

"What's your name?" He suddenly stopped laughing.

It suddenly occurred to Wendy that in the soap opera Empresses In The Palace, for the first time the emperor met the heroine, asking her the same question, so she intimated what the heroine said.

"I'm afraid your reputation will be ruined after hearing my name!" Then she left.

Roy was in high spirits. This girl was interesting! She opened the door of Sam's office.

At noon, during the break time, Wendy played with her mobile phone in the dressing room. The dormitory group was incredibly active. They were just exchanging their internship experience and then talking about entering the operating room.

Phoebe replied, "You can't believe that I was taken to the obstetrics and gynecology department as soon as I came here. I have followed into the operating room for several times in the past four months. Every time I was badge

d with shit! Every time I come to the operating room, I can't enjoy meals for several days!

Ellen, "Ha-ha, I'm in the Rehabilitation Department. I don't need to go to the operating room!

Christina: "I'm in the urology department. You are all better than me."

Ray: "So you must have seen many male's reproductive organs before."?

Monica who has been in a silence for a long time suddenly echoed.

Monica: "Yes."

Wendy: "Wow!" These two girls

Lily: "Dr. Sam will take us this afternoon!"

This sentence was undoubtedly a bomb. Wendy dropped out of this topic.

"Ha ha! You played with your phone during working time! I have got something on you! " Needless to say, there was probably no one but Roy in this department who was so boring all day long.

Wendy was heading to the operating room. She forced a smile and walked away quickly.

"Hey, girl, let's have a talk."

"Are we familiar with each other?" Wendy was a little annoyed!

"We will familiar with each other in the second time!"

"Sorry, I cannot be friends with you!"

"It doesn't matter. I have plenty of time."

Wendy suddenly stopped and looked back at him calmly.

"Dr. Roy, you are a doctor, and I am an intern nurse. I still want to stay in our hospital. Can we are just like before? We don't need to know each other. Okay?"

Perhaps it was because he had been living a superior life since he was a child that no one dared to talk to him in such a tone, Roy saw her like a wood, Wendy wanted to leave, but her arm was grabbed by him from behind.

"After the operation, do you have time to have a cup of coffee? Just take it as a return for your drink this morning! "

Before Wendy could say anything, he put his index finger on her lips.

"Don't refuse!"

After saying that, he put on a playful smile and entered the operating room!

Wendy was so angry and at that moment a familiar voice came from behind, and the temperature in the air suddenly dropped.

"Are you still not coming in?"

"Sam Sam Dr. Sam... " Why did she feel like that she was caught cheating on him? He was dressed in sterile clothes, all she could see was only a pair of cold eyes. But at this time, his black eyes were somehow affected by some emotions? He snorted and walked past Wendy.

"Why are you still standing there?" Wendy, who didn't know whether she should go in or out, hesitated and followed him immediately after hearing his words.

"I will only an assistant in this operation today. The surgeon is Dr. Roy. You just need to listen to him!" Although he said so, she knew clearly who was more qualified!

Wendy thought it was ridiculous. It was a matter of life and death. How could they change surgeon so easily? Moreover, it would be fine if it was someone else, but it was Roy. Could he?

"Well, it's just a small operation today. Two intern nurses are with us. Everyone, go and prepare!"

"Dr. Sam!" Wendy took a chance to grasped Sam, but she was glared like she would be cut into pieces by the man. So she released him.

"You are playing with other's lives!"

"We all know Dr. Roy's capability. Are you sure you can let him do it?"

"I'm worried, so I asked for as an assistant!"

"I thought Dr. Sam wouldn't compromise at all. It turns out that you will compromise with other's lives because he is the only son of the hospital director!" Wendy were eloquent, which confused Sam.

"Do you think he threatened me with his identity?"

"Isn't it?"

"Girl, do you really think that Roy can make it in the Department of Cardiology without any ability? Even if he is the king of the world, it will be in vain if he doesn't know how to do an operation. Besides, Dr. Roy graduated from The Royal College of Psychiatrists. What are you thinking about? " Sam was amused by Wendy's wild imagination.


"Little beauty, are you worried about me?" Roy, who had changed into sterile clothes, stood behind Wendy and asked in surprise.


"Well, I understand." He was good at echoing.

"……" What do you know? Wendy asked.

"Well, let's go inside!" Sam interrupted, but met Roy's defiant eyes. He shook his head, a strange feeling surging in his heart.

"I heard that the patient is still a child," said Lily in a low voice to Wendy. The operation had already been performed, and the intern nurses could only watch aside, not qualified to do it.

As a child, the anesthesia couldn't be general anesthesia. [李婷] stared at the crying child on the operating table.

"You two come here and comfort this child!" Someone shouted. Wendy walked to the child with trembling.

"Baby, don't cry. I'll sing you a song." Then a familiar lullaby song came to their ears. They didn't know whether it was the effect of the anesthetic or the song, but the child slowly closed his eyes. Everyone began to act according to their own duties.

As the main surgeon, Roy stood on the right side of the child, while Sam stayed on the left side. When Lily was about to help Wendy back to the side, she saw that Roy cut a shocking wound in the child's left chest with a scalpel in his hand! Blood gushed out!

It was just a valvuloplasty operation. Wendy felt that her throat was strangled, and her chest was rolling. In front of her was a bloody scene, and her mind was out of line

"Wendy!" Lily immediately held Wendy, who was falling down. Roy wanted to put down the scalpel, but before he could do anything, Sam dashed forward and held her in his arms!

"It is all on you now" After saying that, he grabbed the door and left, ignoring everyone's astonishment!

The operation was still going on!

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