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   Chapter 3 Cousin Sherry

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When Wendy had already been an intern for four months, her cousin, Sherry, decided to have a break from her schooling and came back. The nurses in the hospital finally stopped their bullying.

Wendy always had such a great admiration for her cousin. Sherry was not only the head nurse, but she had also married the director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology. Both of them were talented in their respective fields.

"Sherry, welcome back!" Since Sherry went back to the hospital directly, Wendy got up early to greet her there.

"Thank you! You're beginning to look more like a nurse. How have you been?" Sherry smiled.

Wendy's face reddened at the thought of her fellow nurses bullying her, but she later shook her head. As was said before, she didn't want to pull her cousin into this mess.

"Let's have dinner tonight, okay! Your brother-in-law already booked us some seats!" Sherry patted her shoulder.

"Okay." She nodded.

"Go ahead with your work, okay? I have to go see the director."

Without another word, Sherry walked off. There was a certain elegance in her that would make any other resident nurse jealous of her.


Suddenly, someone slapped Wendy on the back, causing her to cringe in pain. She turned around.

"Finally living your days, eh?" Lily winked. It was obvious that the other nurses were now warding off from Wendy ever since her cousin had returned.

Wendy rolled her eyes in return.

"Since your cousin's here, you can finally relax."

"Go away. I'm filling out the form, plus I'm on duty today." Wendy knew that Lily wouldn't approach her like this if she didn't need anything.

"Are you still my roommate or not?" Lily whined, pouting.

"I'm exhausted every day. Plus, have you seen how long those rounds take? I finally have a break today. Could you let me go, please?"

"Wendy, Lily, what are you talking about?" Sherry was actually standing right behind them, raising her eyebrows in curiosity.


"Sis!" The two turned around in shock.

Sherry smiled and turned to Lily. "Lily, come to the Elegant Restaurant with us. My husband already booked us a table."

"Of course. Welcome back, Sherry!" Lily gave a wide grin.

"Thank you..." However, before Sherry finished her words, one of the nurses snorted right behind them.

"It's time for work, yet someone chooses this time to flatter others."

Wendy jumped up and glared at the nurse. She clenched her fists. They could talk all they wanted when it came to her, but when it was aimed at her cousin, she was ready to fight them. However, before she could come any closer, her cousin quickly held her back.

Lily stared at them worriedly.

Wendy tried to struggle under her cousin's grip but it was to no avail. When she finally relaxed, Sherry smiled at her.

"Wendy, we should really start choosing our battles. She's not worth our time, okay?" Sherry was really admirable. Not only was she patient, but she also paid no attention to other people's bullshit.

The nurse's face turned beet red as if she had just eaten a bag of crap.

When the nurse left, the two interns burst out laughing. Sherry shook her head helplessly.

That night, in a private room at the Elegant Restaurant, Sherry and her husband Austin Lin took their seats. Wendy and Lily came in a few minutes late.

"So, Wendy, how's the internship going?" Austin Lin's eyes glittered. "Bored doing the same old thing?"

"You know me so well." Wendy sighed.

Austin Lin chuckled, patting Sherry's head affectionately. "Your cousin used to be just like you when she was an intern."

"Hush. We shouldn't speak of the past. You must be hungry, aren't you? Tell the waiter to serve the dishes." Sherry pouted. This was another side of Sherry that Wendy had yet to see. She looked so sweet and innocent in front of Austin Lin that it couldn't help but surprise Wendy.

"Wait! We're actually waiting for one person," Austin Lin muttered, raising his wrist to look at his expensive Swiss watch. "What's taking Sam so long?"

Wendy blinked, feeling as if she had heard the name wrong. Sam?

"Why don't you try calling him?" Sherry offered.

However, before he could reach for his phone, the door already slammed open.

"Sorry I'm late. I had to finish an unplanned operation. Take this as my apology, Sherry." Wendy froze as the sight of Sam confirmed her suspicions. He calmly glanced at the other people in the room. When his gaze met Wendy, he nodded slightly as if this was the first time that they had seen each other. Without another word, he handed Sherry the bottle of wine he brought.

"Shit! They already know Dr. Sam?" Lily whispered urgently as Sam approached their table.

"I think he was Austin's classmate."

"Why don't you let them do all the work? You know, your connections?" Lily waggled her eyebrows.

"Connections?" Wendy furrowed her eyebrows.

"I mean why don't you let your cousin be the matchmaker?" Wendy frowned. Usually, she was the kind of person who liked to fight using her own wits. She was never the one who would like others to interfere in her own problems.

"Wendy, Lily, what are you talking about?" Hearing Sherry's words, Austin and Sam turned to look at them.

Wendy quickly forced a smile into her lips. "Where did you go during your training?" She decided to change the topic.

"Shanghai, Heilongjiang, uh... Wendy, have you already moved out?"

Wendy choked upon hearing that.

She used to live in Sherry's house when she was still there. But ever since her cousin went off for more training, she mo

ved into Lily's rented house. However, she hadn't told Sherry about it yet. At that time, she only told Austin Lin that she wanted to live with her friend to relieve some old times.

"Honey, let's have dinner first, okay? We can talk about this at home."

Wendy didn't say a thing.

"Wendy, let's eat." Seeing that she was still absent-mindedly biting at her chopsticks, Austin quickly prompted her to act as he poured her a glass of red wine.

"Sure." She couldn't help but glance at Sam. Although his indifference towards her was still hurtful, she still admired how enchanting he looked under the dim light.

Sherry smirked. She knew that Wendy was attracted to Sam. In fact, she already had her plan rolling, but she needed to ask her husband for help.

It was said that absence would make the heart grow fonder. After making love, Sherry leaned in her husband's arms and caressed his chest from time to time.

"Honey, what do you think about Wendy?" she asked lazily, tracing circles around his biceps.

"She's good." His voice was hoarse after the enchanting night that they had.

"Then do you think she and Sam..." Suddenly, at the mention of Sam's name, Austin sat up as if he had been struck by lightning.

"You want to bring them together?" he asked in disbelief.

"What's wrong?" Sherry furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

In fact, after seeing them together, she thought that they were an excellent match. "Honey...that wouldn't be a good idea." Austin placed his arms around her and leaned in for a kiss, as if he was trying to dispel the idea from her mind.

"They just can't be together."

"And how would you know?" Sherry countered.

"You– you don't know him, Sherry. He's been hurt... It's not easy for other people to understand it."

"So what? How do you know that they won't be able to work out?" Sherry pouted.

Austin shook his head. It was a gut feeling. After knowing Sam for so long, he knew for a fact that he would try his best to stray away from Wendy. "Look, I just do. How about let's do something else, okay?" Without another word, Austin pulled Sherry beneath him and started to make love to her. It was already midnight.

"Dr. Sam, the operation for Patient No. 7 is scheduled at 11 o'clock today. There's another one at 3 in the afternoon."

Wendy didn't know how many times she had eavesdropped on Sam's schedule. He always had a full schedule every day. Even if there were breaks in between, he would usually be called in to do another surgery. As she gazed through the glass window, she could see him rub his forehead tiredly, but he still nodded at his schedule. When he came out with the medical records in his hands, she hurriedly hid behind the door.

She didn't know why he had to work so hard. Was he short of money? That was impossible. Did he just like the fame that came with it? Although he was just around thirty years old, he was already known as an expert in the Cardiology Department. He was the reason why the hospital had an influx of patients. They wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Sam.

Even if there was a heavy rain outside, Wendy quickly rushed out to the cafe.

"A cup of Espresso..." She paused for a moment before shaking her head. "Wait, I mean two cups!"

When you fall in love with someone, you would want to know everything about them. That would include their habits, their work plan, and many more. Many people usually drank coffee to refresh themselves, but she still couldn't understand why Sam would like such a bitter drink like an Espresso.

The city was cold after the raging storm. Wendy slowly snuck into the doctor's office and placed the coffee on Sam's desk. Drenched with rain water, Wendy turned around immediately only to stumble across Sam's chair.

"Shit!" She groaned as Sam's clothes quickly fell onto the floor.

"I'm so clumsy." She picked up the jacket only for his wallet to slip outwards. She groaned, picking it up. However, as she was picking it up, something slipped out of the pockets.

She grabbed it, gazing at the photo curiously. The photo held the face of a beautiful woman. Wendy scrunched her eyebrows in confusion. Was this woman Sam's ex-girlfriend then?

Hearing the footsteps coming from outside, Wendy didn't have the time to calm herself. She quickly placed the photo into the wallet and left in a hurry.

"Hey? Where did you go? The head nurse asked about you, and do you know the scolding I got?" Lily stopped, frowning at the state of her clothes. "What's wrong with you? Did you fall into a puddle or something?" Wendy's lips trembled.

"Look! I bought it for you! " Wendy slammed the coffee on the table, gazing calmly at Lily. "And?"

Lily took the coffee and smelled it suspiciously only to reel back in disgust. Her nose was all scrunched up.

"Okay, you know what? Don't bother." Seeing the look on her friend's face, Wendy quickly changed her mind and grabbed the coffee.

Without another word, she stomped up the top floor. She gazed at the skies above her and opened the lid on her coffee.

She took a big gulp

only to explode in a coughing fit. What the hell? It was so bitter! "Ugh, shit!" She shouldn't have bought a cup of bitter coffee. In fact, she didn't even know why she bought one for herself. She hated coffee!

"You bought coffee only to spit it out? Why waste such a good cup?"

A voice came from behind her.

Wendy turned around and saw a pair of playful eyes. Her cheeks reddened at his words. She was about to leave when he held her back.

"Don't leave just yet." He smirked.

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