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   Chapter 2 Reunion In The Dormitory

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"Come on! Cheers!" the eight girls said in unison as they clinked their glasses together. This was their first gathering since their internship had started.

After dinner, someone suggested that they go to a karaoke bar. They immediately rushed to the Judy Hotel and booked the biggest private room that they had.

Wendy was swaying around as she screamed hysterically into the microphone. Christina Ouyang, the oldest one in the dormitory, grabbed it from her hand as she carried a glass of beer in her other hand.

"Come on, give a shot!" She handed Wendy the glass of beer aggressively.

"I have work tomorrow," Wendy hesitated.

"Please, it's fruit beer, and the alcohol content isn't that high. Are you really that much of a lightweight?" She laughed. "Give it a try."

"Fine." Wendy took a deep breath. Knowing that she had no other choice, she lifted the glass and drank a mouthful.

Looking at her bloodshot eyes, Christina Ouyang winked at the others.

"Still chasing after that doctor you've fallen in love with?"

Wendy glanced at her other friends who were already intoxicated by the wine. They leaned in closely, anticipating her answer.

"Yes." She knew that they would ask her that.

"Lily said he isn't giving you anything."

"Yeah? Well, he's as cold as ice." Wendy slumped in her seat, rolling her eyes.

"If you ask me, you should give it up." Phoebe He patted her on the shoulder.

"Me? Give up? It's not as easy as you think."

The others shrugged and shared a look.

Wendy rolled her eyes. "Enough about me. How about you, Christina? What's going on with you and your boyfriend?"

Christina Ouyang choked. "Yes! You're the first one who got a boyfriend.

How have the two of you been?" Rachel inquired. She was another one of her dorm mates.

"Oh, you know... It's going okay." Christina waved her hand, trying to change the topic of the conversation. However, it seemed it was hard for her to do so. The girls were worried about them since their relationship still had no further development.

"Tell me!" Wendy urged, giggling.

Christina rolled her eyes, knowing she had no way out. A smile tugged her lips. "What do you want to know?"

"Are you still a virgin?"

Everyone quieted down as they stared at Wendy. She burst out laughing, holding onto her stomach.

"Calm down! It was just a joke." They all raised their fists in unison before coming forward to tickle her as a punishment. Fortunately, she was able to escape them. She choked, laughing.

"Fine, fine. Let's change the topic. What about the weird things we've encountered in our internship?" Ellen suggested.

"Change the topic? Hm, Ellen, are you hiding something?" As soon as someone said her words, everyone turned towards Ellen. Their eyes were wide in rapt attention.

"She must be afraid that we'll interrogate her," Ray teased. She was the youngest of the group.

"Hiding something, Ellen?"

"All right. I... "

However, before she could talk about it more, Wendy suddenly doubled over. Everyone backed away almost immediately. She started throwing out immediately. Suddenly, she had successfully diverted the attention from Ellen as they all rushed in to help her.

"Help her to the bathroom!" The others hurriedly pulled her out of the dirty sofa. The wine bottles that she'd drank fell onto the floor, creating a loud clanging noise.

"If I had known that she'd drink this much, I wouldn't have let her drink." Christina sighed as she dragged Wendy out of the private room. Lily had no choice but clean the scene before her.

Wendy retched and vomited into the toilet as the girls waited outside. Soon enough, the flushing sound echoed across the bathroom.

When she finally came to her senses, she slowly staggered out of the bathroom. Her face was pale and her eyes were already rimmed red.

"I'm curious as to the man you're chasing." Ellen leaned against the wall, raising her eyebrows curiously.

"What are you talking about?" Wendy turned on the tap and splashed some water on her face. Soon, color returned to her cheeks. She straightened her back.

"I mean, you know that he's almost impossible to chase, so why not let it go? Why are you letting yourself go through this?" Ellen urged.

"Shouldn't you know the answer to that?" Ellen was actually one year older than Wendy. While Wendy had just fallen in love once, Ellen had done so on numerous occasions.


"What are you doing?" The sudden voice interrupted their talk. Wendy froze, recognizing the owner of that voice. Suddenly, her cheeks flushed red. If he saw her like this, what would he even think of her? Her hands trembled. 'Whatever. Either way, he doesn't even care.' Wendy turned around stiffly.

"Dr. Sam." She forced a smile into her face. However, it had only made her look even more repulsive.

Sam glanced at the box beside him. Today was the birthday of his best friend. The box was filled with a bunch of shallow women to dance for them, which made Sam incredibly uncomfortable. He wanted to get some fresh air, but when he saw Wendy, he was about to turn around and leave. However, to his surprise, he heard her speak up.

"What a coincidence!" Wendy clapped her hands, feeling incredibly dizzy again.

"Isn't it?" Sam smiled mockingly, stopping.

"Are you drunk?" There was a trace of disgust in his voice.

"Hi! Who are you?" Seeing that the man completely ignored her and started to berate Wendy, Ellen couldn't help but burn in anger. She clenched her fists.

"I'm not drunk," Wendy snapped.

"From what

I remember, aren't you on duty tomorrow? Who gave you the right to drink?"

"Who the hell are you? I'm taking her back with me, and you're in our way. Step aside!" Seeing the two's interaction, Ellen could already guess who he was. She couldn't help but feel sorry for her friend's wishful thinking. Ellen made sure to shove him as they were leaving.

The next morning, phone calls and messages had been bombarding Wendy before she was woken up by them. Last night, Ellen had directly sent her back to her residence. Wendy and Lily had rented a house with a living room and two bedrooms.


"Ellen said she saw your Mr. Right last night." Wendy rubbed her eyes.

"What was worse, Wendy was fucking embarrassed while he saw her last night." 'Who is speaking? Does my miserable story entertain her that much?'

Wendy was still so sleepy that she couldn't even register what was going on. She blinked as she scanned her screen. It turned that she was on a group chat with her friends.

"Wendy, don't worry. Ellen got him good for that."

What? All of a sudden, she jumped out of her bed.

"What did you do?" Damn it! Why couldn't she remember anything?

A variety of scenes appeared in her mind.

Did Ellen hit Sam? No! That was impossible. Even if Ellen was angry, she wouldn't go through such lengths.... At least, that was what she knew.

"Nothing! Ellen just helped you out – you know, to make it clear with him."

"What the hell did she do to 'make it clear'?"

Suddenly, memories came rushing back.

As Ellen took Wendy's arm and helped her go back, she turned to Sam.

"Dr. Sam, our Wendy is a very simple girl. She'd never been in love. In fact, she had never liked anyone till she met you. As a good friend, I don't want to see her being like this. If you don't have any feelings for her, then tell her. Don't leave her hanging. But if you lost her,

then I guess it would be your greatest loss." Without another word, she walked away. "That's it?" Wendy leaned against her pillows.

"What else do you want?"

Wendy groaned. "Couldn't you have just beat him up directly? Imagine if we meet again in the future. It would be so awkward!"

Ellen snorted.

"You're so shameless."

After hanging up the phone, Wendy lied in bed for a long time before finally getting up.

She was bracing herself for another round of scolding.

"Wendy! Do you think you're more special than the other nurses? Why are you being late again?" It was that blasted nurse again. There were several other nurses who watched the scene unfold right in front of them. Wendy tried her best to hold her yawn, glancing up at the person in front of her. The hangover made her head pound. She cringed.

Sam and several other doctors passed by the nursing station. They could see Wendy's pitiful situation. Although it was just a glance, she still bowed her head in shame. At that point, she knew that he didn't like her.

"Dr. Sam!" Suddenly, the nurse's harsh voice was replaced by a joyful and charming one.

Sam crossed his arms.

"I'll take this intern to check the wards," he stated.

The nurse's jaw dropped. "But–"

"It's the patient's request!"

"Okay! Wendy, go ahead!" Seeing there was no other choice, the nurse decided to compromise.

"Dr. Sam, thank you," Wendy later said once they were out of sight. Was he trying to help her out? Wendy couldn't help but feel warm all over.

"For what? I just told them what the patient wanted." Sam was incredibly tall, and he had long legs. He was able to stride quickly along the corridors. Wendy had difficulty following him, but even then, she couldn't help but feel happy.

"Miss Wendy, what got you so happy?" Wendy smiled as she was changing the patient's drip bag. Her smile had such a calming effect that it actually cheered up the patient next to her.

"It's nothing. Mister, it will take you more than three hours to take this medication, okay? If you feel uncomfortable, you must press the call button immediately, okay?" She smiled brightly.

"Are you done?" Sam closed his medical record, raising his eyebrow.

"Yes! I'm done." She giggled.

Sam shook his head in disgust and motioned her to follow him.

They reached the balcony at the end of the corridor.

"Dr. Sam, do you have something to tell me?" Wendy furrowed her eyebrows. She felt that he had been acting weird all day. In fact, this was probably the most interaction they had in the whole time they had been working together.

"Wendy," he started.


"I don't like you." She thought he was going to say something else, but it turned out that it was this. She could already feel her heart breaking into two.

"I know!" She forced a smile into her lips, but her eyes showed otherwise.

"Your personality is actually very similar to my ex," he later admitted.

"What?" Wendy's eyes widened.

"She was my childhood sweetheart. Her father killed my father, and in revenge, I killed hers," he admitted. "When I see you, I couldn't help but think of her."

"What? Where is she then?" Wendy pushed.

"She went abroad and got married. We never made contact again. So now you know why I don't like you."

Wendy frowned. "But she was the one who hurt you. Why would you think of me as your ex?" She clutched her head, feeling it buzz at her words. Did she still get the hangover in her system?

"I don't deserve your love. Even if she's married, I'll love her whole heartedly." His words hit Wendy's heart like an axe. She clenched her fists.

"Well, those are two different things!"

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