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   Chapter 307 Many Missed Calls

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Matthew's mother nodded, gently covered her mouth, turned around and looked into the room.

Matthew's grandfather walked out of the room with a crutch. He had heard the doctor's words, with a sad expression on his face.

"Try to contact Matthew. I'm a woman and I don't know what happened in the business world. But after what happened to Faye, he should come back anyway."

Matthew's grandfather sighed. Only when the family was harmonious could his career be smooth. He nodded, walked aside, took out his phone and dialed Matthew's number.

The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered it. Matthew's grandfather sighed and put the phone away.

Matthew's mother turned around and walked into the room. If she was Faye, she would definitely have resentment in her heart.

The bodyguard next to Faye called Matthew many times, but no one answered. A voice was always playing.

"The subscriber you dialed is busy. Please redial later."

Hugh was eating fruits with his wife in his arms. A bodyguard walked in and nodded at Hugh.

"Mr. Hugh, I just received the news. Faye was hit by a car and is in the hospital now."

Hugh sat up in panic and even pushed his wife aside.

"What? Did you say it again? Did I hear it wrong?"

"Mr. Hugh you didn't mishear. It's true that Faye was hit by a car at the gate of their house. She is in the hospital now and the baby has been born, but she is still in a coma. The doctor said that there is a bruise in her brain, which can only be absorbed by her own ability."

Erin rubbed her belly, stood up and shouted with righteous indignation.

"Who hit her? If I catch him, I'll definitely strip his naked.

Get the car ready. I'm going to the hospital to visit Faye. "

"Honey, don't worry. It's not a good time to visit her. We'll go to see her tomorrow after we prepar

home. I'll go out and ask about the situation. Remember not to act rashly and don't give yourself away."

Jojo nodded happily and waved at Richard. "Then go quickly."

Richard drove fast to the hospital. He parked the car downstairs and stayed in the car all the time.

Matthew and Ford had just finished talking. Matthew rubbed the spot between his eyebrows wearily and sat on the sofa.

This case was very important, and the company they cooperated with was also their top priority this year. Moreover, their company's future development was destined, so their mobile phones were muted during the meeting.

Ford took out his phone and turned on the voice. Countless messages came in and there were also countless missed calls.

"Boss, look at my popularity now. I have just turned off the mute for a while, and there are many missed calls on this phone."

Ford took his phone and flipped through it. He walked to Matthew with the phone.

"Boss, there's something wrong. Look, these calls are from Hugh. Some of them seem to be bodyguards."

Matthew opened his eyes and took a look at Ford's phone. He took out his phone and pressed the mute button.

Many missed calls also popped up on Matthew's phone.

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