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   Chapter 306 Being Sent to the Delivery Room

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Matthew's grandfather was also stunned. He look at his granddaughter. His heart was clenched.

If something bad happened to Faye and Matthew came back, how could they explain it to his grandson?

The driver grabbed the steering wheel nervously and rushed to the hospital. The car sped across the street and soon stopped at the gate of the hospital.

The nurse came up with a flat wagon. The nurse carried Faye to the emergency room.

Matthew's mother and Matthew's grandfather dragged Tom and stumbled behind the car.

The lights in the emergency room are on. The doctor came over in his surgical uniform and mask. He took a look at Matthew's mother and Matthew's grandfather and walked into the resuscitation room without hesitation.

Less than two minutes later, the doctor came out of the emergency room. He walked to Matthew's mother and grandfather and took off the mask on his mouth.

Matthew's mother hurried up and grabbed the doctor's hand.

"Don't worry. Calm down first. Let me tell you the patient's situation first. The patient is a nine months pregnant, and her baby is in her belly. But now her amniotic fluid has broken and she has lost so much blood. We must take the baby out, or the baby will die in the abdomen.

And there is another thing I need to tell you. When the pregnant woman was hit by a car, her brain was hit. There is a congestion in her brain, which is in a sensitive position and can't be operated on for the time being, so she may not wake up. "

Hearing the news, Matthew's grandfather took a few steps back in a hurry. He covered his head with his hand and almost fainted. Fortunately, Sam behind him held Matthew's grandfather.

Matthew's mother was also startled and tears fell down from the corner of her eyes in a hurry.

"What should we do? We must inform Matthew to come back and make a decision."

The doctor sighed and loo

y brought a little hope to the family. Matthew's mother gently held the child, and a drop of tear fell from the corner of her eyes and fell on the child's face.

The baby cried out. He was as heartbroken as his mother. The baby's cry could be heard all over the corridor.

At this time, the nurses pushed Faye out of the delivery room and sent her to the senior ward.

Matthew's mother holding the child, walked to Faye's room with Matthew's grandfather, Tom.

The doctor came over and waved at Matthew's mother. Matthew's mother put the baby on the bed and followed the doctor out.

"Hello, auntie. I used to be Faye's attending physician. Now I'm telling you about her condition. Now that the baby has been born, there is no danger.

But the pregnant woman's situation was still unknown. She still needed to observe. There was a congestion in her head, which must be absorbed by her own ability, so...

Now we can only place all our hopes on her. If she is strong enough and the congestion is removed, she will wake up. If she loses her consciousness of life, she may lie in bed all her life and will never wake up again.

I advise you to talk more with her. Try to wake her up. This is the best way at present. I hope you can understand. "

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