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   Chapter 304 Absolute Authority

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Gary stood up excitedly. He remembered what his grandson had said. A wolf went out, but a tiger came in.

Gary looked at Richard who was sitting opposite him. He was like a dormant tiger, who had planned every step. He knew that he would come today.

As soon as Gary knocked on the door, he was doomed to lose.

"Richard. You just entered the company. Let's talk about equity later. If you do a good job in the company, Grandpa will definitely give you some shares when you get engaged to Tracy."

Richard raised his eyebrows. Gary treated him as a three year old child.

"Grandpa, you are too full of words. I and Tracy are still young. As for when we will get engaged, it depends on us.

You want me to be the president of the company and you want me to have absolute authority in the company. What support my authority?

Only in this way can I have an explanation to the shareholders of the company and suppress them.

Grandpa, it's not a rush. You can take your time to think about it. If you don't agree, I will be an empty shell as the president of the company."

Gary lowered his head and held his clothes tightly. Richard was not in a hurry about it, but he was in a hurry. He had said that he would select a suitable president for the company within three days.

Now the TV had been played in turn. It was only because Richard had caught Gary's crux that he dared to be so presumptuous.

Gary sighed. He raised his head and looked at Richard who was sitting opposite him. He wanted to say something, but he held it back.

Looking at his master's embarrassed look, the butler also gently held his hands behind him. If master could have a powerful grandson, he would definitely not be forced to such a situation.

Gary knew that Richard was outstanding. In fact, he also knew that only if he has the absolute right to s


The Lu Group was founded by Matthew's grandfather. He has made great efforts here. As long as I destroy the Lu Group, Matthew will definitely show up."

Jojo clapped her hands happily and looked at Richard in surprise.

"That's a good idea. Matthew is a filial person. As long as his grandfather's painstaking efforts are defeated by you, he will definitely solve it."

Richard nodded. His eyes narrowed sharply, he picked up a cigarette and took a puff quietly. The smoke ring directly surrounded his face, making it difficult to tell his expression for a moment.

Seeing that it was hard to tell whether it was true or not, Jojo couldn't figure out what Richard was thinking for a while. Since she came back this time, she felt that Richard was getting more and more depressed.

Previously, Richard was arrogant, but now he was not only arrogant, but also ruthless. He was like a viper that could spit out his temper at any time.

All of a sudden, Richard turned his head and looked at Jojo. Looking at Jojo's clothes and her makeup, he walked away unhappily.

"It's better not to go to that kind of place. It's very messy inside. What if something happens?"

Jojo stood up and walked upstairs elegantly.

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