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   Chapter 303 Asking For Shares

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Aaron resigned from the position of president and spent every day in the bar, surrounded by a group of playboys.

"Aaron, I've told you that it's the most comfortable time for us to have fun. Why do you have to be a president? Don't you think so?"

Aaron picked up a glass of wine and drank it. By the way, his eyes passed by a beautiful woman beside him.

"In fact, I don't want to be the president at all. It's my grandfather who forced me to take that position.

But by the way, that secretary is so beautiful. You don't know that she has an angel face and a devil figure. Now thinking about it, I feel a little itchy."

After saying that, Aaron touched his chin.

The young man next to him agreed. He pushed away the beautiful woman next to Aaron, picked up his glass and clinked it with him.

"Brother, are there any women who are not attracted to you? You are the second young master of the Lu family. Who dares not to respect you? She is just a secretary. You can get her."

Aaron sighed and thought of his little secretary, but that secretary had a weird temper and didn't seem to take a fancy to him.

Suddenly, a woman in a red slip dress and a pair of black ten centimeter high heels came in from the door of the bar.

She combed her beautiful curly short hair and drew out her side face. With the tip of her chin, her skin was particularly white, and her eyelashes were particularly long. It was like a small fan covering her eyes.

Squinting his eyes, Aaron took a sip of the wine, put his hands in his pockets and strode towards the woman. This woman gave him a very familiar feeling, and he felt that they must have met somewhere.

Jojo walked gracefully to the bar counter. Her dress fluttered in the air like a gust of wind, leaving a beautiful figure.

"Miss, would you like a drink?"

Aaron waved to the wai

"Richard. In fact, we are here today to ask whether you like Tracy or not.

I mean that if you and Tracy have feelings, you should get engaged as soon as possible, I want you to take charge of the Lu Group."

Richard lowered his head and gently played with his fingers. He sat there still and suddenly crossed his legs. He looked up at Gary.

"Grandpa, we are still young. We have just got along with each other for a period of time. Maybe we don't know each other well. Let's put aside the engagement first."

Gary was a little unhappy, but he didn't say it. He couldn't offend Richard now, because the Lu Group was still waiting for him to take care of it.

"Now that you and Tracy are still young and need to get along with each other for a period of time, look at the business of the company, do you want to go back and take care of it first?"

Richard raised his eyebrows and put his legs down. "Grandpa, didn't Aaron manage the company well?"

Gary pounded the table angrily.

"Don't mention that idiot to me. Just say it. What do you want if I ask you to manage the company?"

"Then Grandpa, I won't be so polite. I'm also a businessman. I pay attention to interests. I want the shares of the Lu Group."

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