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   Chapter 302 Take The Blame And Resign

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Gary was so angry that he glared at him. He picked up his crutch and hit his grandson on the back with it.

Being beaten, Aaron bent over, hurriedly hid behind his parents and grabbed his mother's collar.

The daughter-in-law of Gary was a little unhappy. She only had one son, and she was waiting for her son to take care of her. If Gary hit him with a crutch, his skin would be broken.

"Dad. You can't blame Aron for this. I have told you that I don't support him to be the president. As long as he can get the bonus at the end of the year, it will be enough to support him for a lifetime. But you want him to be the president of the Lu Group."

After saying that, the daughter-in-law of Gary pushed her husband and winked at him.

Aaron's father made a fist with his right hand and put it on his mouth. He coughed awkwardly.

"Dad, you know what kind of person Aron is. You have watched him grow up. You put all the blame on him, isn't it hard for him?"

Crystal walked in with her daughter, Tracy, and glanced at her disappointing nephew.

"If such a thing happened and it has nothing to do with him, it's unreasonable. But now that the situation has been like this, I'm afraid that only when Aron takes the blame and resigns can we comfort the employees, and at the same time give the outside an explanation."

Gary sighed and looked up at his daughter. Although he was somewhat reluctant, it was not a better way.

"Aron, I don't think you are suitable to be the president of the Lu Group. Tomorrow morning, you will propose to the board of directors to take the blame and resign."

Tracy cast a scornful glance at Aaron, with obvious contempt in her eyes.

Aaron was like a furious cat. He had his sharp claws and sharp teeth.

"Aunt, you are wrong. I can't be the president of the Lu Group. Can Tracy?"

Crystal smiled and didn't want to argue with the younger generation. She turned to look at her father and walked towar

ignation letter. At the same time, I apologize to all shareholders."

All the shareholders raised their heads and glanced at Aaron. They didn't take him seriously at all. This was just a play directed and acted by the Lu family. What they cared most was the money in their own pocket.

"Who will be the president now? It's still a question. How much will our bonus be at the end of this year? You must give us an explanation."

Gary also nodded. Now he had to find a way to stabilize these shareholders.

"Don't worry. I will select a suitable president for the company within three days."

"Well, we'll wait for three days. Three days later, if there is no suitable president in the company, we will withdraw our shares."

The shareholders of the company stood up and walked out one after another. The resignation of Lu Group was spread like a storm all over the city.

"We have just received reliable news that the president of the Lu Group, Aaron Lu, has just proposed to take the blame and resign from the board of directors because of his incompetence.

The Lu Group will select a suitable president for the board of directors in three days. Now we are waiting for the Lu Group to see who will be the next president."

The news about the Lu Group was broadcast on the TV in turn.

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