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   Chapter 301 The Stock Price Plummeted

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The two figures were reflected in the elevator. The two people looked at each other through the elevator and suddenly turned around.

The project manager sighed and gently touched his forehead. The president was really moody these days, often losing his temper to his subordinates.

"The trend of the company has changed. I don't know how it will develop in the future. I'm afraid the situation is worrying."

The financial manager nodded in agreement. He knew the company's situation best. Although he didn't say it clearly, there was no money available in company's account. He was afraid that the company wouldn't be able to pay their salary next month.

"It's the business of the top leaders. All we can do here is work day by day."

"Well, you are right. Go and do your own business. Don't talk about it too much."

In just one day, all the projects of the Lu Group were cancelled.

Everyone in the company was jittery. They were guessing what had happened in the company and what important thing had caused all the projects to be suspended.

The reporters were like flies everywhere. As long as they heard the wind, they swarmed over.

The building of the Lu Group was surrounded by a group of reporters, and every employee who gone in and out was surrounded and interrogated.

The project manager walked out of the Lu Group building with his briefcase and was immediately surrounded by reporters.

"Hello, Manager Huang, please explain what happened to the Lu Group that caused all the projects to be suspended. Is there no available funds now?"

"Yes, Manager Huang. Is it because Matthew's departure has a great impact on the Lu Group? The newly appointed president is not qualified to be a senior executive, which caused such a crisis to the Lu Group?"

The security guards immediately surrounded the reporters and escorted Jeff away. Unexpectedly, a reporter suddenly broke in, pushed the security guards away, and the reporters surrounded

t me in the future. I want to be a househusband at home."

Jeff's wife giggled, left his arms and ran to the kitchen.

In the TV, the stock market suddenly appeared. The Lu Group's stock had fallen sharply from its previous high point.

Everyone quickly sold out the shares of the Lu Group, which fell to an unprecedented value.

Gary watched TV. He was so angry that he grabbed the remote control and threw it on the TV.

"Bang!" The signal was cut off immediately, and the TV quickly turned black without a person.

Gary turned his head and looked at his grandson ferociously. He stood up with the help of the butler, and held his crutch tightly. The crutch hit the ground, making a frightening sound.

"What have you done in the company these days? When you took over the company, you didn't notice that there was something wrong with the working capital on the account book?

As the president of the company, if you can't find out the problems of the company at the first time, how can you be the president?"

Aaron raised his head and looked at his grandfather with grievance. It was not his fault. It was all Matthew's fault that he was too cunning.

"Grandpa, I'm your grandson. You should know what I've been like since I was a child. It's you who asked me to be the president, not me."

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