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   Chapter 299 I Wish I Could Bite Him to Death

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Erin and Faye nodded slightly. Looking at the two bags in front of them, they were a little upset. But it was not their fault. These were so cute that they couldn't restrain themselves for a while.

"That's all for the time being. If there's any need, we'll come again."

The bodyguard handed a black card to the waiter from behind.

When the waiter saw the black card, she looked at Erin and Faye in shock. They seldom saw this card before, but only saw it one or two times. It was a symbol of identity and power.

There weren't many black cards like this in the country, only a dozen of them. But today, she saw two.

The waiter swallowed and took the card. After swiping the money, she handed the card to the bodyguard.

Erin was reluctant to part with Faye. Erin looked back at Faye three times and Faye waved at Erin.

"Madam, get in the car now. It's getting late. You should go back for dinner."

With the help of the bodyguards, Faye got into the car. She insisted on sitting in the back seat, so Conrad had to sit in the front.

"Conrad, are you in touch with Matthew? Did he call you these two days?"

Conrad shook his head decisively. Matthew had told Conrad not to let Faye know about Matthew had called Conrad.

Squinting her eyes, Faye suddenly patted Conrad's shoulder. At the same time, Faye held her hand and pinched her shoulder.

"Your muscles are quite strong, but I'm afraid they can't stand the heat. I remember that the pig's feet were burnt, and the sound of sizzling is very accurate.

Conrad, what do you think is the smell of hot tiger's feet? I'll let you have a try when I have time. "

Conrad swallowed. This was a clear threat, absolutely a threat. Conrad didn't expect that this woman was more difficult to serve than a man. It was said that

Victor has betrayed Richard. Victor can give up Richard at any time."

Matthew nodded slightly. Matthew grew up with Richard. For him, there was still hope in Matthew's heart. Matthew didn't expect that Richard would oppose him for Jojo.

"Don't act rashly on this matter. Let me think it over first."

Ford nodded slightly. Ford also knew that maybe he was too anxious and shouldn't push Matthew too hard.

"Boss, I'm afraid the baby will be born in a month. I have prepared a big gift for my nephew. When he is born, I will personally go back and give it to him.

By the way, boss, I will be a godfather after the baby is born. "

The corners of Matthew's mouth twitched. Matthew raised his head and looked at Ford with disdain.

Ford widened his eyes and looked at Matthew in disbelief. It was obvious disgust.


"Well, boss, I don't care what you are talking about. Anyway, I want to be the godfather of the child. If you don't agree, I will tell my sister-in-law. If you don't agree, I will tell her all the bad things you have done."

Matthew rubbed his fists and stood up decisively. His palm was crunched by him. He approached Ford step by step, very slowly.

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