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   Chapter 298 Don't You Miss Him

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The driver got on the car and held the steering wheel steadily. The speed of the car was very fast, but it drove very steadily.

The car stopped steadily outside the Starbucks. The driver got out of the car, opened the door and helped Faye out.

Faye stood on the ground with one hand on her waist and the other on her belly.

Four bodyguards got out of the car and followed Faye.

Looking at the four fierce looking bodyguards following Faye, Erin felt speechless. How could they go shopping? Wherever they went, people would treat them as monsters.

Erin waved at Faye. Then, Faye walked towards Erin with a smile.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. I came out a little late. I was delayed by something at home."

Erin's face changed like a flower in June. She came over and gently held Faye's arm. Her belly was obviously half smaller than Faye's.

"It doesn't matter. I just came here not long ago. Why do you bring four idiots with you? How can we go shopping? Wherever we go, we will be regarded as monsters."

Four bodyguards followed Faye closely. When they heard Erin's words, they all twitched their lips.

Faye turned around and looked at her four bodyguards awkwardly. This was indeed a little arrogant.

"Conrad, do you want to wait in the car? If anything happens, I will call you."

Conrad firmly shook his head and said, "Madam, Mr. Matt asked us to follow you all the time. If anything happens to you, no one can take the responsibility."

Faye nodded. She didn't know what to say. It was a waste of time to find a mercenary.

Erin glanced at the four bodyguards and walked towards the baby products store with Faye.

It was a high-end baby products store, and it was customized. The products inside were very expensive,

Is it possible that the feet are so small after the baby is born?"

"After the baby is born, the feet are only this small. If the baby is too thin, I'm afraid the feet are even smaller than this," Faye said.

The little clothes in front of Erin were so cute that Erin imagined the day when her baby was born, it must be very cute.

Erin was a beautiful woman with fair skin, and Hugh was a handsome man. Hugh had a pair of beautiful peach eyes, which were particularly attractive. The child they gave birth to must be a respected baby in the world.

"Don't worry. Your baby will be more beautiful than others."

Erin patted her chest proudly. Their baby must be the most beautiful.

"Of course, my baby is the most beautiful."

Faye knew that Erin had the qualification to be arrogant.

The waitress looked at Erin and Faye with admiration. The two of them are beautiful and their baby must be very beautiful.

The two of them buy many clothes and put it on the counter.

The waiter counted the things in front of her and packed them into two bags.

"Madam, what else do you need? All our things here are customized. You can deliver them to your door."

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