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   Chapter 179 Murder

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Faye heard that her family would be together all the time, she couldn't help but feel a little happy. In this way, she could stay with them all the time.

Although Faye also felt that Monica was a little weird this time. Why did she insist on going with them on their honeymoon? But after all, she was her friend, and she didn't have the heart to refuse her request.

Maybe she just wanted to go there with her, but she didn't have money, so she had to go with them.

It made sense, and Faye wouldn't take it to heart. But Matthew was confused. If that was the case, she didn't have to be so anxious. If Faye refused, she should have agreed.

Looking at Monica's reaction, Matthew couldn't help but feel a little confused. Is she just pretending? Maybe she has some other feelings for Faye?

At the thought of this, Matthew suddenly realized that maybe this woman had a crush on his wife and wanted to do something on this journey. This baby was the treasure they liked now, and they couldn't let her succeed.

Matthew felt a little uneasy when he saw that woman flirting with him just now. Was that woman really going to do something to his wife?

Faye was so nice to her and always thought of her, as if she would lose everything without her. But what she had done? She had never return to her.

In desperation, Matthew had to keep an eye on Monica in private. After all, she was a good friend of Faye in public. No matter how he attacked her, Faye would protect her.

The three of them arrived at a small island in the south. But Matthew had other things to do, so he couldn't stay with Faye all the time. He could only ask someone else for help.

As soon as the three of them arrived at the island, Monica began to implement her plan.

u? It's just Richard, isn't it?"

When Faye heard the name of Richard, she couldn't help laughing and slapped Monica on the shoulder.

"It turns out that you two have already been in such a good condition. Why are you still hiding? If you tell me earlier, it will be finished. Can I eat you?"

Matthew, who was standing next to her, looked at her with affection. Seeing this scene, Monica couldn't help but get angrier. This man should be hers, but now he was looking at another woman with great affection.

"Nothing. I'm not sure yet. I'm afraid that your happiness will be in vain if I tell you first."

Although Monica was good for nothing in other aspects and she didn't have a good brain, she was able to hide it from everyone.

It seemed that everything went smoothly. She had achieved this goal without any change.

But what made Monica more concerned was not that she was misunderstood by Faye and the relationship between the two of them. She was a little afraid that the man beside Faye misunderstood everything. After all, she liked the man most. If he misunderstood everything and had a bad impression on her, what should she do in the future?

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