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   Chapter 175 The Tissue Left Behind

True Love In Trial Marriage By Dadao Dahe Characters: 6682

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Faye looked through the letters in the box, her eyes red. If she had received the letters successfully, the result might not be like this.

She still remembered that every time she saw that the first place in the school ranking was always James, she admired him in her heart.

When she was in high school, young girls had expectations for love, especially such an excellent boy. She had a crush on him before.

Jenny had always been an inconspicuous existence in class. If it weren't for the later reunion and the two people slowly became familiar with each other, she might never remember this ordinary female classmate.

But it was just from this ordinary classmate that she saw the great and persistent love. If Jenny could not be so stubborn and could forget the feelings that did not belong to her, she might have already married and had a happy family.

Faye put the letters on the ground into the wooden box and suddenly found a small hole under the box, like a key hole.

She felt a little uneasy. She seemed to have seen this box in her memory.

In the second year of high school, the game of small wooden boxes was popular in the school. Girls liked to put their beautiful hair clips in the boxes.

Every time the teachers saw them, they would confiscate the boxes in their hands.

Fortunately, there was a compartment in the middle of the box, so ordinary people wouldn't know it if they didn't look carefully.

After Faye took out all the letters, she bit her lips and was surprised to find that her name was written on it.

She remembered that she also had such a small wooden box in high school, but it was definitely not hers. Was this box left to her by Jenny on purpose?

How did this woman know she was here? How could she leave such an important thing here?

She couldn't help but feel a little strange. Thinking that the man was still waiting outside, she had to hold the box in her arms and walked out thoughtfully.

A silver sports car drove out of this s

ect that it was this woman again. Every time she fought with this woman, she would be at a disadvantage. Especially now, it was a matter of life and death, which made her a little scared.

"What are you shaking for?" The man looked at Jojo's pale face and said with disdain.

Women were women. When something happened, they only knew fear. Instead of comforting the woman, Richard walked into the room with heavy steps.

There was still a photo of James left in the corner. Looking at the man's big smile on the photo, a hint of cruelty flashed in Richard's eyes. He stepped hard on the photo.

The clean photo instantly became dark under the man's feet. Looking at the photo in a mess, Richard just lowered his eyes and sneered.

He thought that if the man was dead and there were so many things happening. If he had known this earlier, he would have let the man go crazy directly. It was all his fault for getting into such trouble because he was too excited in the psychiatric hospital.

Jojo was frightened by the man's fierce look. She gritted her teeth and muttered, "She shouldn't have found anything, right?"

She and Richard had come to this place many times. They had already searched the warehouse, but they didn't find anything. Since Faye had only come here once, she didn't think she would find anything.

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