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   Chapter 174 The Old Box

True Love In Trial Marriage By Dadao Dahe Characters: 6451

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Faye felt sorry for the woman's death. She didn't get the love of James when she was alive.

But because of this man's mistake, she was died. How could there be such a stupid woman?

Everything in the world was so unpredictable.

Anyway, Jenny had accompanied her when she was a little confused. As a friend, she had to mourn her anyway.

She had refused to help her many times when she was alive, and after she died, those past would disappear with time, right?

Walking in the heavy rain, she could no longer feel the coldness. The maple trees on the roadside were blown by the wind, just like the sound of running away under the pressure of James that night.

Faye suddenly remembered that it was Jenny who took Matthew to the place where she was kidnapped last time.

In her memory, she heard from Jenny that this place was very important to James, and later this man died in this place.

She had a very strange feeling for this place now. She believed that with Jenny's infatuation, she must have been to this place many times after the man's death.

Since she was kidnapped last time, she had a shadow over the warehouse. This place had become a nightmare in her heart. Now she was going to step on this place again. She was in a trance, wondering if she would encounter danger if she went there alone.

After thinking for a long time in the rain, Faye decided to go there alone. She rushed back home and took the red bracelet that Jenny had given her. At that time, in order to pray for her, this woman went to the temple to ask for the red bracelet.

She hadn't worn the bracelet, but she had fully felt this woman's intention at that time.

But what happened later caused some misunderstandings between the two. If it weren't for her indifference, perhaps she wouldn't have left now.

Faye saw the silver key in the jewelry box. She always felt that the key was very important and she took it with he

She successfully took the small box from the dark box in the dim light.

The woman was surprised to see her name on the box.

She put the box on the ground with a bitter smile, and her eyes were full of determination.

When the box was opened, it was a stack of colorful letters. Faye picked up a few of them and found that they were the love letters that James had written to her.

The letters were a little yellowing, but they were still kept well. It can be seen how much their master attached importance to it.

Looking at the words on the letter, Faye slowly began to talk about her missing, feeling a little bitter in her heart.

Jenny must have read these love letters hundreds of times in the past, and let herself sink into her imagination again and again, unable to extricate herself from it.

Looking at the letter, James expressed his love for her shyly. It was so beautiful to have a pure love for a young man.

However, these love letters later became the source of his and Jenny's death.

Matthew waited for half an hour, but the woman inside hadn't come out yet. He didn't know what Faye had found inside, but he didn't want to disturb her.

This warehouse had a very bad impact on him. After this matter was over, he planned to pay to dismantle it.

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