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   Chapter 163 Encounter in the Shopping Mall

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A few days later, in the evening. When the moon was a little dim, Monica wore a big hat and a pair of sunglasses, trying to make others unable to see her face clearly. She drove to the Lu's mansion alone.

She sneaked around the mansion for several times, trying to find an opportunity to get in.

She had been here several times and knew the geographical environment of the house very well. As long as there was no special situation, she should be able to get in.

But now the whole house was surrounded by security guards. It was impossible for her to get in from the entrances.

Monica raised her head and looked at the second floor. The light in the room was on. She lowered her head to hide the emotions in her eyes. She knew that it was the master bedroom, and now perhaps Matthew and Faye were very intimate in the room.

Since she couldn't break through this place, she had to think of other ways.

The next day. In the fresh market, Faye was shopping with several bodyguards behind her. She took this opportunity to have a walk outside. Reasonable exercises were good for both the mother and the baby, as the doctor suggested. All the peddlers in the market looked at her in surprise. They seldom saw such scene in the fresh market.

In fact, she didn't want to be so high-profile, but Matthew told her that if she wanted to go out, she must have someone with her.

At the beginning, she had no idea what to do with so many bodyguards, but now she found that she seemed to have been used to the sights from strangers towards her.

Monica, dressed in black, wrapped herself tightly. She stood in front of a fruit stall and glanced at Faye from time to time.

It was easy to make troubles in such a noisy and crowded market. If she pushed Faye to fall down, no one would notice her.

Noticing there were a few children around the corner, Monica suddenly had an idea. She bought a few apples from the fruit stall. Then she gave the apples to the children around the corner and asked them to run over towards Faye.

The kids looked at the big red apple in their hands and ran in the direction that Monica pointed.

At this moment, Faye was picking vegetables in the veg

hed over and held the boy in her arms.

When Faye arrived there, she saw Monica holding the child in her arms safe and sound. She suddenly changed her attitude towards this woman. Although she tried to kill Tom and had hurt herself, a woman who could help a strange child in public would never be helplessly evil. Thinking of that, Faye smiled and praised Monica, "Good job!"

The child's mother ran down in panic. She didn't feel relieved until she saw her child was safe. She said to Monica excitedly again and again, "Thank you, Miss. Thank you so much."

"Thank you very much. If you were not here, I don't know what would happen to my boy. Please let me treat you for dinner." The mother invited the both woman in front of her sincerely.

Faye took a look at Monica and wanted to hear her opinion. After all, it was her who saved the child. She just rushed over and arrived later after the child was saved.

Monica didn't expect that Faye would like her because of her inadvertent action. She couldn't help but feel excited.

Now the child's mother invited her to dinner with Faye. She definitely created a good opportunity for her to carry out her plan.

Monica pretended to hesitate for a while and then nodded. Faye also agreed.

The joyful song played in the revolving restaurant came out. The little boy ran to the amusement park of the restaurant alone and played with staff there. The three women sat opposite each other at the table.

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