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   Chapter 162 Destroy Her

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Both of them were forced by the hardship in life and were kind-hearted. Why could one be loved by everyone, and the other could only struggle in the mire?

Without the comparison of Faye's life, she would only realize her life was somewhat difficult, but still she could make it.

But now, seeing that Faye led a decent life, was loved by the man she loved, and had two children, all of these made her crazily jealous.

She was willing to destroy all Faye's happiness at any cost, as if by doing that could her prove that she didn't live a miserable life.

Lowering her head, Jojo didn't let the people around her know what she was thinking, which could be seen easily on her face. Now there was only one person around her that she could use, and that was Richard.

Most importantly, Richard had always been a friend of Matthew. If she could make good use of this man, she might destroy Faye.

Before he could react, Richard saw Jojo jump into his arms and burst into tears.

He thought he had just comforted Jojo, and now she began to cry again. He sighed helplessly. It was really difficult to guess what a woman was thinking.

But now he really felt heartbreaking for Jojo. This woman had an abortion for her beloved when she was so young, but that man did not give her any warmth, and made her fall into this situation.

And Richard himself could almost make Faye his, but actually he had only kissed that woman on her forehead as the most intimate movement.

Now, he felt that he had made a very firm decision for himself. Fortunately, he had made up his mind to be against Matthew long while ago. Otherwise, if he hadn't made up his mind until meeting Jojo today, it would waste a lot of time.

He knew there was an obstacle in his heart, which was the entanglement between the three of them in high school.

"Yes, Richard, I hate Faye. I hate her so much." Jojo grabbed the man's clothes and said sadly.

"That woman is a liar. I know what you said. Don't cry, okay?" Said Richard in a low voice, patting the woman's back gently

He was once fascinated by Faye, and fo

so I hope you can give me some advice."

Hearing what the man said, Monica felt overjoyed. As the dignified Mr. Richard from the He family, he could be so kind to her, which made her feel a little flattered in her heart.

But the man just mentioned the baby in Faye's belly. Monica couldn't help getting angry as long as she thought that the bitch carried Matthew's baby.

'How could this bitch have a baby with Matthew? Faye may be pregnant now, but there are still 10 months. Everything could happen. It's still unknown if she could give birth eventually.'

Lying on the bed, Monica hung up the phone and searched online for the taboo of pregnancy.

Last time, when she tried to kill Tom in the Lu's mansion, she failed because Tom was a big child already and it was difficult to control.

But this time, the baby was still in Faye's belly. It was very fragile. As long as she used a little hidden method, she could make the baby unable to come to this world. In this case, Faye would also be blamed for the miscarriage. The Lu family wouldn't spoil her any more afterwards.

Monica didn't have a rest for the whole night. She looked at all kinds of comments and methods on the Internet in high spirits.

She hadn't only found the taboo of pregnancy but also methods for miscarriage. She didn't expect that there were so many people with the same thoughts as her on the Internet.

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