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   Chapter 161 You Were Pregnant Too

True Love In Trial Marriage By Dadao Dahe Characters: 5923

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They had planned to let the man experience the feeling of hell.

Why? James was killed after the matter was exposed. Was someone afraid that he would leak some information? Jojo was frightened by her own thoughts and trembled.

Although she doesn't believe Richard will do such a thing, she can contact this man through this period of time.

Jojo found that Richard was not as kind and gentle as she thought.

She looked suspiciously at the man opposite her and cautiously asked, "You didn't do this, did you?"

Hearing the woman's words, Richard shook his head and said firmly, "How is that possible?"

Hearing the man's answer, Jojo felt relieved. She also believed that Richard would not do such a harmful thing. They were classmates in high school, and she trust him. After all, they got along well with each other during this period of time.

She found that this man had no other hobbies except for being moody sometimes.

What's more, the collusion between Richard and James didn't go on normally and ended in failure.

During this period of time, Richard didn't do anything harmful.

Even if Matthew really found out that it was related to Richard, he would be kind to him for so many years.

The table was full of delicious dishes, and the two of them had no appetite at all. Jojo looked at the dishes on the table and sighed helplessly.

When Richard was about to go back to his room with a glass of water, Jojo stopped him.

Jojo asked hesitantly, "Is Faye pregnant again?" After asking, she looked out of the dark window uneasily.

At this moment, Richard was a little annoyed. He clenched the glass in his hand. It had been a long time since it happened, but he did not expect that Jojo still loved this man deeply.

Even though he had

Jojo crying in his arms.

He suddenly hated Faye.

Lying in the man's arms, Jojo gradually felt warm. In the past, when she was in the most difficult and confused time, no one believed in her and gave her a little comfort.

What she wanted to know most now was why Matthew would like a woman like Faye.

She wiped her tears and walked out of the man's arms. She asked in a hoarse voice, "How did they know each other?"

It never occurred to him that Jojo still wanted to know about Matthew.

He glanced at the red eyed woman next to him and sighed helplessly. Then he told Jojo how Matthew and Faye met.

"Has Faye ever been with you?" Jojo asked in confusion.

Hearing the woman's words, James seemed to recall something happy. He looked out of the window affectionately, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, and then nodded.

Jojo knew that only when a man recalled his beloved woman would he show such an expression.

It seemed that Faye and Richard had a special time before. That woman must have left a deep impression on Richard.

At this moment, she was extremely jealous of Faye. Why does this woman hover between two men and get Matthew's favor?

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