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   Chapter 157 Abnormal Disappearance

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After going through all the formalities, Jenny hurried to the hospital with a bowl of lean meat porridge.

She knew that James must have no appetite now, but she still hoped that the man could eat something and recover as soon as possible.

At the door of the ward, Jenny's hands were full of things. She gently called, "James, open the door for me."

Then she waited at the door for a while, but there was no sound in the room. She thought the man had fallen asleep, so she had to carefully open the door with her feet.

There was no trace of anyone in the narrow ward. Jenny looked around in surprise. Just when she sent James over, the man was lying in bed.

It was only a short while before he disappeared.

Jenny anxiously found the nurse and crazily looked for him in the hospital, but she did not see the man in the end.

She was so anxious that she had to call Faye. "Faye, I can't find James since he disappeared in the hospital."

When Faye answered the phone, she was watching TV with Matthew on the sofa. The news on the phone made the two people nervous at the same time.

She remembered seeing James yesterday. He didn't think of running away at all. Moreover, in the hospital, no one restricted his movement, but for his health.

Matthew saw that the woman around her frowned, and she fell into her own contemplation. He spoiled and rubbed the woman's hair, saying softly, "Fay, don't worry, I will protect you and our baby."

The woman lay gently in the man's arms. The night was dim outside, and the moonlight was dim on the windowsill, giving people a strange feeling.

Looking at the sleeping woman, Matthew left a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Then he walked out of the room and told Jacob to strengthen the protection of the villa. An hour later, the whole villa was surrounded by hundreds of security guards.

Looking at the crowded Lu's mansion, the man was

r mind, the man would definitely go to the place he was familiar with, and would not disappear without a trace like now. Moreover, this man did not have any money, nor did he bring any identification.

Jenny didn't know how long could James live in this city.

She had been suffering every day for the whole week, and every time, she was intertwined with hope and disappointment. She really couldn't bear such torture, so she summoned up the courage to call Faye, she tried to find the woman to help her find James's whereabouts.

"Faye, I haven't found James for a week. Can you help me find out where he is?" Jenny stammered.

She also knew that her request was a little excessive, but now only Faye had the ability to do so.

Although she had taken advantage of the kindness of the woman, Jenny didn't regret it. As long as she found James, she was willing to pay any price.

Faye sighed helplessly. She didn't understand why Jenny was so persistent with a man who didn't take her seriously at all.

Jenny didn't make any mistake in this matter, but now Faye felt that she was trying to take on everything James done.

Jenny was not a rich girl. Now she had resigned for a man. If things went on like this, Faye didn't know what would happen to her.

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