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   Chapter 155 Let Her Go

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He loosened his grip on Faye's hand. If what Jenny said was true, then his resentment against Faye over the years would be a complete joke.

Looking at Faye gently stroking her belly with her hand, she looked happily at the man out of the window, even though the woman was still in his hands at the moment.

James could still feel that this woman ignored and hated him.

"James, as long as you let go of Faye, I won't pursue the past." Said Matthew, standing in the rain.

As soon as the man finished his words, Faye felt that her hand, which had just been loosened, was grasped more tightly by James.

She looked at the man's arm in confusion. Blue veins stood out on his arm.

"In your dreams! Do you think I will survive if I let go of her? Your snobbishness here is so powerful that it can be turned over easily. It's better to die with a woman I like than to fall into your hands."

After James finished his words, he pinched the woman's neck fiercely. Jenny didn't expect that things would turn out like this. She looked at the struggling woman in the truck.

She suddenly felt a little scared. She didn't want to hurt Faye.

If she had known it earlier, she wouldn't have called out to remind James. Now she was most afraid that he would hurt Faye. In that case, Matthew wouldn't let him go.

She didn't want James to end up like this. The man she had admired for so many years was struggling in the mud step by step and relying on his own efforts. He should have a happy life.

The driver didn't expect such a thing to happen. He was a little trembling now. He couldn't help opening the door and rolling down in a hurry.

After the driver rolled down, Jenny suddenly came up with an idea. She quietly walked from the back of the truck to the driver's seat.

When James was still not paying attention to her, she climbed up and pulled Faye back.

James didn't expect that someone would suddenly appear n

..." A sound of hunger came from the woman's stomach. Faye touched her belly with embarrassment. She hadn't eaten anything for a long time.

The baby must be hungry too. Hearing the noise in the room, Matthew quickly came in with a bowl of porridge.

As soon as he came in, he saw that Faye was staring at the bowl in his hand. The man smiled dotingly.

He knew that this little woman must be very hungry. Looking at the thin woman, he swore in his heart that he must make her fat.

After gobbling down a bowl of porridge, Faye raised her head and stared at the man with her dark eyes.

She felt that after this incident, she was more dependent on this man.

Matthew looked at the woman who was looking at him eagerly and touched his face. Did something get on his face when he was cooking porridge just now? Otherwise, why did this little woman stare at him all the time?

"Where is Jenny?" Faye saw that the man was a little embarrassed, she had planned to ask the man to hold her, so she had to forget about it and quickly changed the topic.

Matthew didn't expect that the first thing she did when she woke up was not to ask herself, but to ask another woman. He naughtily flicked the woman's forehead and then said slowly, "She went to the police station with James."

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