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   Chapter 154 Running Away Overnight

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James was a little excited at the moment. This truck was to deliver goods outside the province, as long as they could leave here successfully today.

No one could find them.

During the night of searching for a car, he had figured it out. Since he had been thinking about Faye all the time, he would take her with him this time. As for the baby in her belly, he would wait until they settled outside.

The dark skinned driver took a look at the woman sitting next to him, and there was a touch of amazing expression in his eyes. He could not help but guess in his heart, no wonder this man was willing to pay so much money to take the woman away.

The truck had just driven into a muddy road.

"Faye." A woman's voice suddenly sounded, especially loud and clear in this rainy night.

James felt flustered suddenly. He didn't turn around but stared at the woman in front of him.

He had been with Faye during this period, and there was no tracker on the woman. How could anyone find them in such a short time?

When Faye heard the voice, she suddenly felt hopeful. Although she was not familiar with this woman's voice, she knew that the person who appeared here at the moment must come to save her.

When the woman was about to open the door and go out, she was grabbed back by James. No matter who came, he would take her out of here.

Holding the struggling woman in his arms, James shouted at the driver, "What are you waiting for? Let's go."

The driver thought they knew each other, so he stopped the truck. Obviously, he was wrong. He was stunned by the man's roar. He stepped on the gas and was about to speed up to leave.

From the rearview mirror of the truck, Faye saw the two people, Jenny and Matthew, running after the car.

She waved her hands anxiously. When she was about to cry for help, the man beside her covered her mouth.

Although Jenny had helped Matthew find the two of them, she still loved James deeply in

hed her belly gently. After she went out safely this time, she must tell the man the good news.

For a long time, Jenny didn't hear any response from the people in the truck. Afraid that James would do something irreparable, she continued anxiously, "It's my fault. I stole your love letter from Faye's desk, but it's all because I like you."

After that, she wiped the rain off her face and continued in a choked voice, "I know I did something wrong at that time, but I just want to get closer to you. Faye never liked you. Please let her go."

Hearing the words from outside the window, James looked at the woman in his arms suspiciously.

Faye looked up at the man and said. "Jenny is right. I've never written to you."

The man's hand was getting lighter and lighter. She felt that James seemed to have believed this fact. If it was just a misunderstanding.

As long as this man regretted, she would not care about the hurt she had suffered.

James had received a high education and went abroad to study. He was very open-minded about many things. He had been obsessed with the thing in high school because it was a great blow to him.

But now someone outside the window told him that what he knew was all fake. The woman in his arms had nothing to do with what happened in the past.

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