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   Chapter 153 She Was Pregnant

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Suddenly, a creaking sound of door opening came through, which made Faye's heart jolt. Did James have another partner?

She turned around in a hurry and wanted to see the person at the door clearly. Then she only saw a silver-haired lady coming over with a bowl of soup in her hand.

Faye looked at the amiable face of the old lady, who didn't look like a bad person at all.

Then she reached out her fair hands and took the chicken soup from the granny.

"My child, you should protect yourself no matter how young you are. Now you have a great project to carry on." The granny said sincerely, and then looked at her and James with an ambiguous expression.

Knowing that the granny had misunderstood them, Faye quickly stood up and explained, "auntie, he and I...we are not..." She hadn't finished her sentence yet.

The old lady interrupted, "I don't care about your business, young lady. When the young couple has a fight, they'll make peace pretty soon."

Then she looked at James and added, "Now that your wife is pregnant. You should be broad-minded. Don't make her angry anymore." Then she turned around and left, gently closing the old wooden door behind.

She was pregnant? Before Faye could react to what the old lady had said, she had mixed feelings.

She remembered that she had suffered a lot when she was pregnant with Tom, and now she did not plan to have another child at all.

But she couldn't help feeling happy as long as this was the second child of her and Matthew.

James had thought that the woman would scream excitedly when she heard the news, but he didn't expect her to be so dumb all the time.

Was there anything else that he didn't know?

It suddenly occurred to him that Richard had also told him not to hurt Faye no matter what.

It seemed that that man also had a crush on Faye. This woman was really as attractive as she was in high school.

"Don't you have a good relationship with Matthew? Why are you like this when hearing you are pregnant?" At this moment, James was really a little ir

ut to go to bed, she was shocked by the sudden intruder into the room. It was James.

Holding the moldy quilt in her hands, she looked at the man warily.

"Come with me." In the darkness, James grabbed the woman's hand and dragged her outside.

Just now, he received a call to tell him that Matthew had found out where he was and asked him to transfer as soon as possible.

Along the way, in order to avoid cameras and positioning, he had been looking for remote villages with poor network. He didn't expect that Matthew could still find them so soon.

He had thought that he had known the man's trump card very well during his working time in the company. Unexpectedly, this man had been pretending to be weak and hiding his strength so deeply.

But now that he had Faye and the unborn child of Matthew, he was not afraid anymore with these two important factors.

He had no choice but to stop a truck on the road overnight and pay someone to take them away.

With one hand protecting her belly, Faye stumbled out of the house with the man and was forcefully thrown into the truck.

She didn't know where to go next, nor did she know what would happen next.

The truck started slowly. She closed her eyes in despair. China was such a big country. No matter how powerful Matthew was, it was the way too difficult for him to find her nationwide.

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