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   Chapter 133 What's Your Purpose

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Faye casually clicked on the WeChat group, and the messages came one after another. She was a little annoyed and directly pushed them away.

A few messages interrupted the two people's interest. Matthew stared at the woman with dissatisfaction, but Faye didn't notice the man's gaze at all.

The woman didn't answer him for a long time, so Matthew had to get up and go to the balcony to smoke a cigarette.

There was a fresh fragrance of flowers in the bathroom, and Faye was lying in the large bubble bathtub with her eyes closed.

When she just quitted the group, she found that someone mentioned her name.

Thinking of her encounter with Jenny today, she couldn't help frowning. Last time she met Jenny by accident, so she went to the classmate party.

This time she ran into her again. She saw these messy things. Faye didn't want to affect his mood because of a person who appeared inexplicably.

She had a vague feeling that all this might have something to do with Jenny.

She lay in the bathtub, the warm water rippling on her skin. She felt sleepy and was about to go to bed when she saw the screen of her cell phone flickering.

"Faye, why did you leave the group?"

"Faye, answer me!"

"Are you mad at me?"

Looking at the messages on her phone, Faye knew who sent them one by one. She was not in the mood to care about others now.

Suddenly, there was a voice video message on her phone. She clicked it casually.

It turned out to be Jenny. She didn't want to have anything to do with this woman now. If this call could end this strange meeting tonight, she didn't mind wasting more time.

"Jenny, what's wrong?" Faye's cold voice echoed in the bathroom.

Hearing the dissatisfaction in the woman's voice, Jenny knew that Faye must be angry because she had just added his account to the group.

Jenny smiled with disdain. Why others are not afraid to enter the group? Just because she'

friends who had helped him before.

Most importantly, he brought an important person with him today.

He looked at Matthew and his wife, who were standing in the garden and enjoying the beautiful scenery, he walked over hand in hand with the woman beside him.

When he thought that Matthew would see the expression of the woman beside him later, he was very excited.

"You are here?" Richard said with a smile.

When Faye heard the voice, she suddenly turned around and saw another woman's face. The woman was wearing a bright red short skirt with a pitiful fabric, revealing her plump chest and white legs.

Looking up along the woman's body, Faye showed a surprised expression at the moment she saw the woman's face.

It's only necessary to know at a glance that this woman is engaged in special work. Her face is heavily made up, and a pair of narrow eyes exude the smell of wind and dust.

Faye didn't know why Richard brought such a woman with him. She looked at the man beside her in confusion.

Noticing the woman's gaze, Matthew greeted Richard with a smile, completely ignoring the scantily dressed woman beside him.

As long as Matthew knew that his friend had fully recovered, he would be satisfied. As for the woman beside him, it didn't matter at all.

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