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   Chapter 132 The Appearance Of An Old Classmate

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James didn't expect that the man would be so excited when he mentioned that woman. It seemed that he was as infatuated with Faye as he was back then.

He could make good use of his jealousy, and he pretended to be a little disappointed.

"Mr. Richard, don't worry. I'm here for Faye."

Next, from time to time, two men's voices came from the room.

On the other side, Faye had returned to the table. She didn't take the episode seriously. Instead, she felt more relaxed because of the way Richard addressed her.

"Ring..." Lilly's phone rang. She glanced at her friend with embarrassment.

"Fay, the company called me. It must be something important. I have to go now, so I can't keep you company." After saying that, she saw Faye nodded. Then she quickly put away her things.

Seeing Lilly leave, Faye felt bored and ate up all the fruit in front of her.

When she was about to leave, she saw a familiar figure walking towards her.

Jenny had been keeping an eye on Faye and her friend. She came out to relax today, but she didn't expect to meet her rival in love here. According to that woman, Faye must have found a rich man.

Now that Faye had a home, could she use this woman to get close to James? After making up her mind, she must wait somewhere and find a suitable opportunity to appear.

She didn't dare to come over until she saw Faye's friend leave.

The woman's delicate face fell into the eyes of Jenny again. Every time she saw the appearance of Faye, there was a nameless anger in her heart.

Why was God so unfair? She looked at the sharp fruit knife on the table and endured the thought of cutting a few knives on the woman's face.

Now no matter how much she hated Faye, she had to please her for the sake of James.

"Faye, you are here too." Jenny pretended to be surprised.

On the day of the party, Faye went back home and checked the classmates in her class. In t

r body to surge with heat.

The breeze outside the window and the fragrance of flowers were lingering around the two people. Faye felt a little cold and went into the man's arms.

Matthew, who was on the verge of collapsing, lost his mind because of her action. He waved his hand and directly tore off the woman's white robe.

He held her slender waist and was about to go down...

"Ring..." The phone suddenly rang. Matthew threw the woman's phone aside irritably and continued to do what he was doing.

With her smooth and tender skin in his hand, Matthew felt a little restless. He rudely took off his shirt and was about to...

"Ring... Ring..." The phone kept ringing.

Seeing the man stop what he was doing, Faye got up from the man's body with a red face.

She found the phone thrown away by the man on the ground. As soon as she picked it up, she saw WeChat messages coming one after another.

Confused, she clicked in and found that the old classmate Jenny added today had added her into the previous classmate group.

Faye hated this woman's behavior very much. She knew clearly that she didn't like to have any contact with her classmates, and what happened at the party last time made her more determined to do so.

Why did Jenny add her in?

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