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   Chapter 131 Shopping

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She knew it was impolite to do so. Looking at the pale face of Richard, Faye felt that she had gone too far just now. She said apologetically, "Richard, I didn't mean to do that, just now..."

Waving his hand, Richard pretended to be fine. After washing the cigarette in his hand, he found an excuse and left.

Looking at the receding figure of Richard, Faye felt that this man was in a bad condition. She was a little confused, but considering the previous relationship between them, she couldn't say anything more.

In the luxurious and tall clothing shop, the hands of Faye and Lilly were full of stuff.

Lily looked at Faye bought all the clothes they liked. She felt happy for her friends secretly.

It seemed that Fay really accepted Matthew this time. As far as she knew, Faye would never spend this man's money if she didn't really treat him as her family.

Two women put the things in their hands in the trunk of the car. Faye felt really happy. Tom's illness was cured. Matthew and her have also established a relationship.

All these made her feel that the whole world was beautiful. Now she had enough time and mood to dress up and do what she liked.

The two women spent another two hours in the mall before they found a cafe to rest, out of breath.

Lilly sat at the table and drank up a large glass of lemonade in one breath.

"Fay, it's so good to find a rich man. Look at your Matthew, how generous he is!" Then she looked at Faye with admiration.

She didn't know when she would be able to meet the person she loved, just like Fay. She was not afraid even if she suffered more.

Hearing Lilly's words, Faye felt sweet in her heart. During this period of time, Matthew had been very good to her and cared about her every day. She felt that she was going to be spoiled by this man.

Lilly leaned against the sofa and squinted her eyes leisurely. She had been worried that Faye wou

r, and finally took the advantage of his illness to grab the woman he loved.

On the other hand, Faye pretended to be worried about him, but as long as he was out of her sight, no matter how embarrassed he was, she would not take the initiative to care about him.

Without hesitation, he turned around and went to a private room nearby. In the room, James had been waiting for him for a long time. Today, he specially asked Richard to come here because he knew that Faye was here.

He must let Richard see the real face of this woman, so that he would be willing to cooperate with him.

"Mr. James, what do you mean by asking me to come here?" From the moment he met Faye outside, Richard knew that someone had arranged all this on purpose. He hated to be regarded as a fool, but now he wanted to see what was in the gourd of this man.

Looking at the man leaning against the sofa and looking at him with disdain, James sneered in his heart, but he still pretended to be gentle and said, "Mr. Richard, you just met Faye. How is she recently?"

Richard thought that the man was laughing at him, the smile on his face disappeared. He looked at James viciously and said through gritted teeth, "Of course she lives a good life, but it has nothing to do with Mr. James."

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