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   Chapter 129 Being Humiliated In Public

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A wretched man at the door cast a lewd glance at Faye's curvaceous figure. He had already had an idea the moment she came in.

He had thought that such a cold woman was someone he would never be able to reach in his life, but when he saw what happened between her and James just now.

The wretched man's eyes showed a trace of disdain. She was just a bitch.

The man had an idea in his mind, and he pretended to bump into Faye.

Then he said apologetically, "Miss Qiao, did I hurt you? Do you want me to check it in my room?" After saying, he deliberately close to the woman's side. As soon as the man's words were over, a burst of laughter broke out from the people around her.

With a livid face, Faye listened to the laughter around her. She didn't expect that her former classmate would become so disgusting.

Seeing the man's expression, Jenny suddenly had an idea.

She pretended to bump into Faye by accident and gently pushed her into the arms of the man.

When the man saw someone help him, he thought he was lucky to have sex tonight. It seemed that this trip was really worth it.

After bumping into Faye, Jenny quickly got out of the crowd and stood aside.

She patted her clothes, pretending that she didn't care about it, for fear of being discovered by others. But her eyes were fixed on the door of the room. She didn't know what would James think when he came out and saw Faye lying in another man's arms like this.

Faye didn't expect that someone would be so hostile to her.

When she raised her head and was about to leave, the man wrapped his arms around her waist tightly.

The man's action made her feel sick. She struggled desperately.

She didn't expect such a thing to happen in a classmate gathering. Was it arranged by James?

The man's eyes lit up when he saw the woman's red face because of excitement.

As long as he thought that he could sleep with the campus Belle tonight, he felt


He tentatively introduced himself, only to find that the girl was staring at him like looking at a beast.

He didn't know why the gentle and familiar girl in the letter had become like this.

Did his abrupt behavior scare her?

When he was about to look for Faye again, he was dragged into an alley along the road by a group of people. He knew the man in the lead.

That was Faye's brother. At that moment, he felt his heart was broken into pieces. He thought that when he was in the most difficult time, Faye would be with him, but he didn't expect that he would get a beating.

He got up from the alley dejectedly. All his pride and admiration turned into resentment against Faye.

The students of the party left one after another. Jenny stood there and watched the painful expression on James's face.

She didn't know how to comfort this man, and she didn't dare to tell him that she had returned all the love letters in the past. She secretly took out the love letters from Faye's drawer. She lied to him, pretending that they were written by James for her.

Later, she kept contacting with James, and she really regarded herself as the beloved girl of James.

Looking at the lonely figure of the man when he left, Jenny did not regret what she had done in the past.

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