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   Chapter 128 Broken Family

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She still had some documents to send to the teacher's office. Since the boy didn't need her to take him to the infirmary, she would leave first.

She said goodbye to James briskly, turned around and trotted away.

A breeze came, bringing up the leaves on the tree, and one fell on the boy's head. James stood there for a long time, unable to look back. This was the closest time he was to his beloved girl.

He seemed to see that Faye smiled at him just now.

At this moment, he felt sweet even in the injured part of his arm.

James went to the infirmary to clean his wound and returned to the classroom.

For the whole morning, he stared at Faye's back in a daze.

Jenny at the back of the classroom noticed the boy's wound. She curled her mouth a little painfully.

After class, she went to the infirmary to buy some bandages and put them in the boy's books secretly.

She imagined the expression on James's face when he saw the band aid and giggled like an anthomaniac.

When James returned to his desk in the afternoon, he accidentally saw several bandages in his books.

He surmised in his heart, who put it here? But on second thought, it seems that only Faye knows about his injury. That must be what she left for him.

Thinking of this, he felt that his whole heart was happy. He didn't expect that Faye would care so much about him.

In the back seat, Jenny had been staring at the boy since the moment James appeared. He saw the boy pick up the band aid on the table with a gentle face.

Jenny knew that her efforts were not in vain. She really wanted to tell James that she had put the band aid here, but she was afraid that her appearance would frighten the boy.

But now as long as she looks at James quietly, she feels satisfied.

In front of them, Faye was looking at the examination paper with a frown and didn't notice what was happening behind her.

Now, she tries to avoid the school boys as much as possible, for fear of unnecessary misunder

ayers at one stroke, she has practiced till 11 o'clock every night.

Under the cover of the dark night and the sound of rain, James packed up his belongings and left.

It was the first time that he had left the house so decisively. He had rented a single room near the school with the only little money left in his hand.

The environment here was worse than before. There was not even a bathroom. But as long as he thought of the bright smile on Faye's face, he felt that everything was fine.

For the whole night, James didn't fall asleep. He took out the cleanest piece of paper in his schoolbag and wrote down his feelings on it carefully.

He wanted to send the love letter full of love to Faye. There was a fragrance of gardenia outside the window. The fragrance of gardenia made him think of the jasmine on the girl that day.

Seeing that the man had been absent-minded since he pulled her here, Faye didn't want to talk to this crazy man. She wouldn't attend this kind of classmate reunion anymore.

She threw James into the room and walked out tiredly.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw the crowd surrounding the door.

With an angry look on her face, Jenny looked at Faye who just came out of the room. It had only been a short time that this woman had been infatuated with the man she liked.

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