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   Chapter 127 Flipped

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Looking at the smiling figure of the girl in the distance, James felt as sweet as eating honey.

The second year of high school was an important time for students to study. James always pays attention to Faye. Since he had fallen in love with someone, James had been working harder on his study.

He hoped that with his own efforts, he could one day stand with Faye.

Jenny, a classmate, sat at the back of the classroom and put the boy's look into her eyes. She was the least noticeable person in this class. The teacher never looked at her.

She secretly took out the small mirror hidden in the drawer and looked at a fat and black face in the mirror. She lay on the table in depression, and threw the math examination paper she had just taken out into the trash can.

Even if she was working hard, she couldn't get the first place like James, nor could she be as beautiful and eye-catching as Faye. She was not only ordinary, but also so ugly. What does she take to compete with others?

On a hot summer night, the gardenias in the school parterre had all bloomed, emitting a faint fragrance in the air.

James secretly glanced at Faye in front of him. The girl shook her head gently and her ponytail was flying in the wind.

Even if he can't see her face, he can imagine Faye biting a pen with her mouth, her lovely expression after being baffled by the questions on the test paper. Looking at the same paper in his hand as the one held by the girl, he feels a thrill in his heart.

He took out a pen and wrote the answer slowly on purpose. He wanted to work at the same speed as Faye. As long as he thought that the girl was working on the same test paper as himself, James thought that this complicated equation had become cute.

At first, he was a little afraid that others would pry into his thoughts. But when he saw that so many boys in the school liked Faye, he suddenly didn't want to hide his feelings.

After evening self-study, James walked back home alone. The tall maple trees on the

" Faye rubbed her hands with chagrin. She wanted to step on the brake, but her brain went blank when she was about to hit the person, which led to the current accident.

Looking at James's injured arm, she stretched out her hand with guilt.

The wind seemed to stop at this moment, and James seemed to hear the sound of blooming in his heart. The girl's tiny white hand stretched out in front of him, and he never felt that happiness was so close to him.

Faye waited for a while, but the boy on the ground didn't respond. She thought James didn't want to touch her. After all, the boys with good grades had some special pride.

She had to smile awkwardly. When she was about to take her hand back, she was caught by the boy on the ground.

When she comes back to her senses, James has got up and stood in front of her.

"Let me take you to the infirmary."

The girl's bright smile and gentle words made James addicted to it.

The fragrance of jasmine came from time to time, just like entering his heart. He never felt that he would like a kind of flower fragrance so much.

Smelling the fragrance from the girl, he blushed with embarrassment and faltered, "No, I don't need it."

Looking at the boy's dull look, Faye couldn't help laughing. She didn't expect that the boy who ranked first in school grades could be so cute.

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