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   Chapter 126 Why Do You Dislike Me

True Love In Trial Marriage By Dadao Dahe Characters: 6522

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When the people at the table had heard her words, they looked at Faye in disbelief. They didn't expect that the once glorious Ms. Campus would be a trial marriage hostess.

Seeing that she had successfully humiliated Faye in public, Jenny couldn't help feeling complacent.

However, what she had done didn't escape from James's eyes. Seeing the woman acting like a contemptible scoundrel, he couldn't help but feel a little disgusted.

It was true that he hated Faye. He would ruin her reputation in his own way, but he hated the way how this woman named Jenny looked at him.

Faye didn't remember when she had offended Jenny and why she had embarrassed herself on such an occasion.

She lowered her head and looked at the glass in front of her with a pale face.

Seeing that Faye didn't retort, the people at the table believed that she must have done a live broadcast of the trial marriage.

Several men thought of the beautiful scene as soon as they heard the news. They even looked at Faye in a nasty way.

"Ms. Campus, how much for one night? We also want to pay a visit to your business." After saying that, the man squinted at Faye's bosom.

Faye didn't want to stay here any longer. She stood up with her head down and walked quickly to the door. It was not that she didn't want to explain, but that she couldn't explain it clearly at all. She did do something that made herself misunderstood by men.

It was overcast outside. It rained heavily and lightning flashed. Faye didn't expect that the party would bring her insults like this. When she was about to walk out, she was grabbed by a pair of big hands.

"It's raining heavily. You will get wet if you go out." James looked at the woman and said.

The man's gentle voice was particularly harsh to Faye's ears. Wasn't he the one who set up all this today? Now he was pretending to be a good person. Faye had never met such a disgusting man.

Looking at the rain drippin

nly one here today, but he didn't expect that there were other admirers.

He was not happy for the girl to have so many admirers. He knew that he just had a crush on her secretly, but today he was very confident, because he ranked the first in the mid-term exam, and Faye would definitely see his name.

Thinking of this, James gave a gloating look at the boy squatting in the grass.

Faye didn't notice that the two boys were looking at her. She looked at the hot weather irritably. If her mother hadn't promised her with a trip to France as long as she would be able to rank in the top ten, she wouldn't have been so excited to see her ranking under such strong sunshine.

She read the top ten names in her mind from one name, "Wow, this James Cheng is ranked first again."

Faye couldn't help but curl her lips in admiration. If she could make it as the first place in ranking every time, she didn't know how happy her mother would be. Then she could go anywhere she wanted.

She raised her hand and counted down one by one. Finally, she saw her name at the ninth place. The girl's eyes lit up, as clear as the stars in the sky.

James had already known that the girl was ranked ninth. Looking at the girl's smile like spring water, he knew that this ranking made her very satisfied.

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