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   Chapter 125 Being Insulted

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James poured a glass of orange juice, calmed down, and regained his composure. He slowly walked up to Faye and handed her the juice.

When she was about to take the orange juice in front of her, Faye saw James's face and put down her hand again.

She remembered that she was framed by a bottle of water from him and didn't dare to touch anything that the man handed to her.

Although Faye didn't appreciate his help, the man didn't get angry. He looked at her gently.

On the other side, Jenny saw that James handed a glass of water to Faye in person, but she didn't appreciate it. She looked at Faye with resentment and took the orange juice from James' hand with a smile.

Obviously, James didn't expect that. He just wanted to embarrass Faye in this way so that she could recall what had happened in the past.

But in public, he didn't want to embarrass Jenny so he had to give the orange juice in his hand to Jenny.

Seeing that she got the orange juice in the man's hand as she wished, Jenny raised her head proudly and looked steadily at the woman who had just laughed at her.

But Faye didn't take it seriously. She sat quietly at the table and watched her classmates talking and laughing.

"James, you are now the most successful graduates in our class. Let me propose a toast to you." A man raised his glass and looked at James with admiration.

It was absolutely impossible for him not to be jealous. When he was in high school, James was not as rich as him. Except for his good looking face, he really didn't think that James was better than him. He didn't expect that James had been far more successful than him in just a few years.

James raised his mouth corners, smiled, and toasted the man gently.

He didn't take these former classmates seriously. If it weren't for Faye, he wouldn't have held this party. Thinking of her, James pretended to have an ambiguous look at the woman sitting in the corner.

Many women at the table paid at

She was jealous of Faye so much and wondered why this woman could win the heart of her beloved man without doing anything.

And her happiest time was actually given by others through a mistake.

Since she had met Faye last time, Jenny had been well prepared and had a thorough investigation of her background.

She happened to see the video of Faye being a trial marriage hostess online.

She knew that it was not easy for everyone to live in this world. She had experienced the darkest moment. It had been a long time since that thing happened, but people had changed. She did not intend to tell anyone about it.

But when she saw James' eyes just now, she couldn't help but get angry. Why did this woman take away her beloved man again and again?

Jenny's exquisite makeup and twisted face looked a little scared, but no one on the table had noticed it.

She was as dim as an unremarkable sand.

Jenny tidied up her dress and coughed slightly. People around looked at this ordinary woman in surprise.

Jenny saw disdain in other women's eyes and disappointment in the man's eyes. She suppressed her anger and pretended to be careless. "I saw that Faye was the trial streamer some time ago. I don't know if it's true." After saying that, she quickly covered her mouth, pretending to be panic.

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