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   Chapter 124 The Ugly Duckling

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Looking at the man's surprising facial expression, Faye lowered her head and bit his ear.

Before the man could react to the pain, she escaped from the room.

Tom bent over under the bed and finally found the doll under the bed.

He jumped up and down and ran to the door. Suddenly he bumped into a soft body. Looking at the man who was sitting downstairs in a daze, Faye ran upstairs quickly. When she ran into the room, she ran into Tom who just came out.

Looking at his mother, Tom touched his forehead and handed the doll to her.

He said excitedly, "Mom, this is the birthday gift from me to you. Look, how much does this doll look like you?"

Taking the doll from the boy's hand, Faye touched his head with relief and said in a low voice, "Thank you for the gift, Tom. Mom likes it very much."

Hearing her mother's praise, Tom happily jumped up and down around her.

Sitting next to the dinner table, Matthew heard the crisp laughter of the mother and the son. He helplessly raised the corners of his mouth. .

This little woman was getting bolder and bolder. She dared to flirt with him like this. Although his ear bitten by the woman was a bit painful, he felt particularly sweet in his heart.

A few days later, Faye was on the way to the classmate reunion. A dazzling flash broke through the darkness above in the sky, leaving a golden crack.

Faye was shocked by the loud thunder and quickened her pace. She didn't expect to have her first classmate reunion under such weather.

She hadn't seen those former classmates for many years. She was both curious and scared.

Faye stood at the door and looked at the splendid hall. Her classmates were talking and laughing about something.

She couldn't remember clearly the faces inside, but there were many faces that made her feel a little familiar, so that she could vaguely recognize that they were her c

saw this woman.

Suddenly, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled outside the door, making a deafening sound. Faye felt lucky that she had just walked quickly enough. Otherwise, she would have been drenched in water.

She didn't notice that her arrival caused much sensation.

"Here you are, Faye." Seeing the woman coming in, Jenny hurried to greet her.

If only Faye could make the man she loved notice her, she would rather be the background of Faye today.

"Isn't she the most beautiful girl in our school? Look at her now. She is still so beautiful after so many years. " A woman in a pink dress said enviously.

After saying that, she looked at Jenny who was walking past her, with a trace of contempt in her eyes.

"Look, that Jenny. She ran to Faye as soon as she saw her. She didn't look at herself in the mirror, did she? When she is with Faye, she just looks like an ugly duckling. How ridiculous." A mocking voice came to Jenny's ears from the crowd.

Her face darkened all of a sudden. She knew that her appearance and temperament couldn't be compared with that of Faye, but she was still very angry to hear mocking like this.

Hearing the voice from the corner, Faye looked at Jenny in embarrassment and nodded to her slightly.

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