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   Chapter 123 One Night in the Mountain

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The woman raised a question in a clear voice. "Matt, where are we heading?" After asking, she reached out and touched the man's face.

She waited for a while, but the man didn't answer her. She put down her hand and saw the man raise his eyebrows and look at her mysteriously with a smile at the corners of his mouth.

Faye didn't know what surprise the man was preparing for her, smiling back.

It was already dark when they arrived in the mountain.

After parking the car, the couple climbed up slowly.

Faye held the man's hand and walked along a long corridor. The moonlight was gently shining on the lotus pool in front of her.

A layer of mist floated up in the pond. The leaves and lotuses were like a dream with a veil, making them feel illusory.

Looking at the scenery in front of her and smelling the real lotus fragrance in the breeze, Faye felt relaxed and happy.

She looked at the man's back gratefully. Since when did he know she liked this kind of scenery?

"Do you like it?" The man's low and gentle voice rang in her ears, and the moist and hot breath sprayed to her ears, making her feel limp and numb all over.

In the corridor with nine turns, the man held the woman and kissed her tender lips, and his hand had reached into her dress.

The man slowly exposed her bosom with gentle touches, and her fair skin was shown under the moonlight, reflecting an ivory color. A breeze came, and she shivered with cold.

Noticing that the woman's body went a little cold, the man stopped what he was doing. He held the woman in his arms and sat in the corridor. They quietly enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the lotus pond together.

When Faye woke up the second day, it was already early in the morning. She didn't remember how she had gone home last night.

In her memory, she and Matthew were sitting in the corridor and watching the lotus flowers. Slowly, she fell asleep.

Looking at the quiet room, she knew that other people had already got up. She didn't know when she became more and more sleepy.


er it so clearly.

Looking at the woman's grateful eyes, Matthew was already overjoyed but still kept an arrogant expression on his face. He turned his head and said awkwardly, "Do you like the necklace?"

Looking at the proud look on the man's face, Faye stood up and walked towards him step by step with the necklace in her hand. She smiled wantonly and said, "I don't know if it looks good until you help me wear it."

She had known that this man was not a good target to joke with, but today she wanted to tease him.

Matthew picked up the necklace and was about to help her wear it. She threw herself in his arms. He didn't expect that the woman would throw herself at him at this time.

He suppressed the joy in his heart and put the necklace on the woman's neck expressionlessly.

When the necklace was about to be put on, the woman flipped her hair and deliberately pulled down the collar, making it lower and opening wider.

The man's eyes were immediately attracted by the snow-white skin in front of him. He turned his head with some chagrin and tried not to see the woman's deliberate flirtation.

Noticing that the man was sitting still, Faye rolled her eyes and came up with a new idea.

While the man was still helping her wear the necklace, she turned around and rode on him. Then she looked down at the man who was now below her.

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