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   Chapter 122 Classmate Reunion

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There were white clouds floating in the blue sky. Lakes were reflecting the beautiful scene. In Faye's eyes, she had seen a bunch of green jades.

Matthew was taking her and Tom back to China. They were on the plane now. Seeing that Tom and the man were discussing something with each other, she had to look out of the window for killing time.

Not long after they had returned to the Lu's mansion, Faye felt as if it had been a lifetime, and her nostalgia for the city had grown.

Since he came back, Matthew would have interaction with Tom whenever he had time. Today, she saw the man and Tom playing happily in the living room and laughed out loudly.

She didn't want to be a joy killer, so she had to leave Tom and the man at home and walk alone on the busy street.

The setting sun in the west lightly sprinkled a layer of crimson gauze, enveloping the whole city in a bright light.

When she was enjoying the beautiful scenery on the street, Faye suddenly heard someone calling her name from behind.

She turned around and looked at the familiar face in front of her. The woman's face was round and chubby. She couldn't remember who the woman was for a moment?

"Faye, do you remember me? I'm your classmate in high school, Jenny Jiang."

Faye tried her best to search for the name in her mind. Suddenly, she rang the bell. She remembered that this girl was her classmate in high school.

If she hadn't written the names of all her classmates in high school, she wouldn't have known there was such a person.

Faye asked her in surprise, "Long time no see! Why are you here?"

Seeing that the woman in front of her finally had rung the bell, Jenny Jiang smiled awkwardly.

When she was in high school, Faye had always been a big shot in the school. As the dream lover of all the boys in the school, she always lived in the envious eyes of other girls every day.

While Jenny was just an ordinary girl hiding in a corner in her class. It was normal that Faye couldn't notice her.

At that time

mmersed in her own thoughts and didn't notice the expression on Jenny Jiang's face.

She asked her tentatively, "Who organized this party?"

Hearing the woman's question, Jenny Jiang knew that there would be a chance. She raised her eyebrows and said proudly, "It's James Cheng, a genius in our class. You should know him, right? I heard that he is very successful now! He came back from the overseas."

When she heard the name of James, Faye was stunned.

She really wanted to know what was wrong with this man. She raised her head and looked at Jenny Jiang firmly. "Don't worry. I will go."

Noticing that her goal had been achieved, Jenny Jiang said goodbye to Faye and left. She couldn't wait to share the news with her friends.

When Faye was about to go home, her phone rang.

"Honey, where are you now?" Matthew asked gently.

Faye told him her current location quickly and heard that the man asked her to wait there. She stood on the roadside and looked at the unknown grass in the crack. She felt a little bored and squatted down.

Ten minutes later, a silver sports car came over. Faye noticed it and quickly stood up. She got in the man's car.

Melodious music came from the car. She looked at the side face of the man who was driving carefully, and the outline of his face looked particularly handsome in the light.

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