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   Chapter 121 Relationship Confirmed

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"Mom, look! There are three of us on the cake!" Looking at the lifelike figures on the cake, Tom couldn't help but poke them with his fingers.

Upon hearing Tom's words, Faye walked over to take a look with curiosity.

The pink cake was engraved with the happy look of their family of three. The three people made of chocolate were playing and joking together.

Faye liked the cake very much. A warm smile appeared on her face, and deep emotions suddenly burst out from her eyes.

She held Matthew's hand tightly and told him, "I know these are all prepared by you. I really like this cake so much."

When Matthew heard the woman's words, a bright light flashed through his eyes. He said, "As long as you like it." After saying that, he looked at the woman affectionately.

Hearing the sweet talk between the two adults, Tom covered his eyes and ran away quickly.

"Wow, what's that in there?" Faye found something shining in the cake and asked.

Seeing that the woman notice what he had carefully prepared, Matthew said to her mysteriously, "You can take it out and have a look."

Faye was really curious about what it was. She nodded happily, took a deep breath, and said hesitantly, "Then I'm really taking it out."

Faye cautiously picked up a fork and gently hooked the shining thing in the cake.

A crystal clear diamond ring suddenly appeared in front of her. She couldn't believe what she had seen, so she turned around and looked at the man silently.

Matthew's eyes lit up as he said to the woman, "This is my gift for you." Then he lowered his head in embarrassment and gently held the woman in his arms.

Leaning against the man's broad chest, Faye gently wrapped her slim fingers around the man's waist, feeling incomparably stable in her heart.

Matthew looked at the woman hiding in his arms shyly. Her fair face was slightly pink because she was flushed.

He couldn't help but raise her chin and kissed her charming lips.

Faye felt the corner of her lips felt hot and moist, and then the man's overwhelming kisses. She was so weak that she ha

The sunshine fell gently on the garden, and the flowers inside seemed to have been washed in milk -- all were crystal clear.

The bright red roses were bathed in the sun and swayed gently along the breeze, just like dancing in the wind.

Holding the woman's shoulders tightly, Matthew looked at her seriously and said, "Darling Faye, stay here with me, okay?"

After saying that, he regretted that his attitude might not sound pleasant, so he quickly added, "Faye, I meant, how about we really be together?"

From the man's nervous voice and sweating palms on her shoulders, Faye knew exactly what he was going to say.

She had been waiting for this moment for a long time. The man was seriously waiting for the woman's answer. The woman's long curled eyelashes trembled slightly and answered with a smile wantonly.

"Okay, let's be together from now on." Matthew was surprised by the woman's sudden answer. As soon as he heard it, he was overjoyed. He picked her up and spun in the air happily.

"Darling Faye, I promise I will take good care of you and Tom." He promised.

Faye felt fainted in his arms. It was the first time that she had seen this man so happy. He was like a child who had finally received his favorite toy, which made her feel very happy as well.

A burst of clear laughter rang in the garden, and the birds on the tree were frightened to fly away.

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