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   Chapter 120 Recovered Tom

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Richard Looked at the two people by the bed, the affectionate look on their faces was somewhat dazzling.

But he pretended not to care about it.

Noticing his friend's gaze, Matthew raised his head and happened to meet his gaze.

Richard smiled at them and took a sip of the water on the table.

Seeing that Richard was free and easy, Matthew completely put down his guess.

Richard walked out and gently closed the door of the ward. He stood at the door and listened to the laughter inside.

The smile on his face disappeared in an instant. He looked out of the window with deep eyes.

He punched the pillar on the side, and the sting in his hand made him a little sober.

He had only liked two women in his life. One was his senior, and the other was Faye.

But he couldn't get both of these two women and they refused him because of a man.

Casting a bleak glance at the door, Richard turned around and left.

Two days later, Faye sat by the bed and looked at the normal ripples on the electrocardiograph, she was in a daze and held Tom's little hand.

The child had been lying on the bed for four days. The doctor told her that he should wake up today, but now, there was still no sign of waking up from Tom.

Faye put away the clothes that she had just taken off from Tom and changed the clothes of piggy page for Tom. She wondered if the child would be happy to see this when he woke up.

On the other side, Matthew began to sort out his belongings. The doctor told him that he could leave the hospital today.

He walked over and kissed the woman and the baby on the bed. He held the woman's shoulder with his slender fingers.

The sunshine shone in through the window, and the whole room was bright. Seeing that the woman had recovered, Matthew picked up her hair and circled it in his hand.

After a while, he had messed up the woman's hair. He looked at her angry face with embarrassment.

Looking at the woman's cute ear, he couldn

m's back, Faye suddenly felt that the garden today seemed particularly beautiful.

She remembered that in the past, the garden was planted with some light flowers, such as lily, jasmine and so on.

Today, however, the whole garden is full of red, with bright and dripping roses in full bloom in the wind.

She didn't expect that the garden had changed dramatically after she left for a while, but she liked the flowers very much.

"Tom, let's go home first and come out later, okay?" Faye didn't have the heart to interrupt him.

Hearing his mother's words, Tom looked at the butterflies dancing in the flowering shrubs with reluctance.

Holding Faye's hand, Tom stood at the door. He raised his fleshy hand and knocked on the door.

After a while, there was still no response from inside. Tom looked at Faye in confusion.

When he was about to ask his mother, the door in front of him opened.

Tom hurried in with Faye. As soon as they entered, they were shocked by what they saw.

The whole hall was covered with rose petals, and hundreds of colorful balloons were floating in the center of the hall. Under the balloons, there was a huge panda toy, waving at them with a smile.

A happy song sounded, and the whole room looked very happy. Faye looked at the man standing aside with a smile.

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