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   Chapter 119 Entrusted Friend

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She nodded and comforted the man, "Thank you."

Matthew picked up a glass of warm water and gently fed it to the woman's mouth. He flicked the woman's head with his finger and said dotingly, "Silly girl, you don't have to thank me."

Richard knocked on the door and found that there was no response for a long time. Then he pushed the door open and came in. He didn't expect to see the intimate scene between a man and a woman as soon as he entered the door.

Noticing that Richard came in, Faye immediately stopped the man. She felt a little uncomfortable in front of Richard.

Matthew glanced at the woman with some pity, and fixed his eyes on her. He didn't turn around to greet his friend until he was glanced at by Faye.

"How do you feel?" Seeing that Matthew's face had recovered, Richard asked in surprise.

Matthew nodded to show that he was fine. He remembered what the doctor had told him and said to Richard seriously.

"Richard, you are here just in time. I have to rest in the hospital these days. I'll leave the company affairs to you."

Richard pretended to be surprised and looked at the man worriedly.

Matthew continued, "This is my assistant's phone number. You can save it and contact him if you need anything."

With a smile, Richard agreed to the man's request and saved his assistant's phone number.

Matthew saw that Richard didn't ask his assistant's name, but he typed the words James Cheng on his phone. He couldn't help but feel a little confused. Did he know his assistant too?

"Richard, do you know James?" Matthew asked.

Richard lowered his head so that the man couldn't see his expression. "I don't know him."

He remembered that James asked him to have a talk with him before he left yesterday. At that time, he didn't take it seriously. Now it seemed that he would have a lot of interaction with the two people in the future.

However, he felt that something was wrong with James.

because of excessive blood loss. She looked morbid beautiful.

At this moment, he felt his heart was still crazy for this woman. In order to hide his face, he had to pick up the information to cover his cheek.

Faye woke up in the temptation of the delicious food. She seemed to have smelled the chicken soup in her dream.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw the man sitting at the table and drinking chicken soup.

Smelling the faint scent of the food, she couldn't help swallowing. Because the wound was in her abdomen, the doctor specially told her not to eat anything in the past two days.

But when she saw the man eating so well, she felt her stomach was churning.

Looking at the woman who was staring at the chicken soup in front of him like a hungry wolf, Matthew knew that the woman should be hungry.

He tidied up the food scraps on the table, got up and poured out a cup of warm water to the woman.

Faye frowned a little unhappily. Why does the man drink chicken soup? She can only drink boiled water. Seeing the man pass the water to her mouth, she can't help but turn her head.

She rolled her eyes, trying to see if there was any food in the room. But she didn't see what she wanted. She looked at the man with dissatisfaction, as if she was silently resisting.

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