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   Chapter 118 Emotional Warming

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Noticing her expression, Matthew ordered the security guards to take the mother and daughter away as soon as possible.

Seeing that Matthew was about to get out of bed, the doctor turned around and scolded the man, "If you don't want to die, lie down well."

Matthew had to lie in bed unhappily. He had never felt that time passed so slowly.

He raised his head and wanted to see the woman on the bed clearly. He was very worried about the woman's injury now. He had never thought that he was so useless that he could not even protect the woman he loved.

When he saw Faye lying on the ground, he found that his heart almost stopped beating.

If anything happened to this woman, he would definitely let Luna pay a heavy price.

After a while, the doctor put up a medicine bottle for Faye. Because Faye was stabbed by the knife, the doctor added some anesthetic to her potion.

After a day's tossing, knowing that Faye's wound was not serious, Matthew's heart was tense for a moment, and slowly he felt a little tired.

He asked the nurse to move Tom's bed into the room. Looking at the sleeping faces of the child and the woman, he slowly closed his eyes.

In the dark ward, the three of them fell asleep on the bed, and their even breathing echoed in the room.

On the second morning, Matthew knew that the woman and the child hadn't woken up yet, so he secretly hid in the bathroom and made a phone call. In order not to affect the rest of the woman and the child, he deliberately lowered his voice and said.

"Go and help me find out what happened to Luna."

Hearing the response from the other end of the phone, he continued, "There was something wrong with Luna's spirit before. Someone must have instructed her to escape this time. You go and find out, I want to know who is b

deep affection in Matthew's eyes, Faye knew what he was going to do next. Covering her wound, she said.

"I still have a wound on my body."

In fact, her wound was not very serious, but the doctor told her not to undulate too much.

A kiss from the man had already made her mind in a mess. She couldn't imagine what would happen next.

With a smile on his face, Matthew said, "Since the wound hasn't healed, don't move."

This time, Faye really didn't dare to move. She was afraid that if she moved, the wound on her body would be pulled.

She nervously felt the man's movements, and her heart beat faster and faster.

Seeing the woman's red face, Matthew really didn't have the heart to tease her again. He had to put down his hand and kissed her on the face.

After Matthew covered the quilt for the woman, he sat quietly beside her and looked at her. He never felt that Faye made him moved like now.

He raised his hand and gently brushed her hair.

"Fay, this is my problem. I promise that I will protect you and Tom well in the future." Matthew looked at the woman affectionately and said with guilt.

Faye knew that this matter must have left a shadow in the man's heart.

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