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   Chapter 117 Vicious Little Girl

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"Are you both all right?" Luna looked at Matthew gently and asked.

Matthew took a look at Tom gently and answered her, "We both are very well." Then he turned around, looked at Luna and asked her coldly, "Why are you here?"

The little girl standing beside Luna was also looking at Matthew eagerly. She really hoped that the man could take a look at her. Today, in order to come to see him in the hospital, she particularly put on her favorite dress.

But from the moment she came in, the man never gave a look at her, but he stared at the boy lying on the bed gently.

Eileen looked at Tom with disgust. She didn't understand why her father didn't like her.

Hearing the man's cold voice, Luna pretended to be fine and calm.

Matthew was worried that this woman would make troubles at this time, and he was also afraid that it would affect Tom's rest, so he asked Faye to help him move to another room, ready to talk to Luna.

The moment she walked out of the ward following the couple, Luna winked at Eileen.

After settling the man down again, Faye found that only Luna was with them in the room. She looked at Luna with confusion and asked, "Where is your daughter?"

Hearing the woman's question, Luna didn't want to answer her at all. She just looked at Matthew affectionately and asked him, "Eileen liked her little brother very much. She's accompanying him now. Will you like her a little more in this way?"

Today, it took her a lot of efforts to escape from guards arranged by Matthew. How could she allow others to disturb her time with him alone?

Looking at the woman's expression, Faye felt something was wrong. She heard that Eileen was looking after Tom right now, so she had to go back to Tom's ward in a hurry.

As soon as she entered the room, Faye felt that the atmosphere in the room was a little strange. Tom was so scared that he hid in the quilt and trembled.

The girl was standing by the bed and pulling the quilt desperately. Faye was so shocked that she rushed over and pull the girl away.

She gently comforted Tom who was frightened. She wondered how evil a child could be to bully her younger brother, who was lying on the bed after a surgery.

Tom slowly fell asle

scene in front of him. He was not shocked that Luna would assassinate him, but that Faye would block the knife for him.

The knife was only a few centimeters away from him. Even he himself knew that he couldn't escape it at that time, but it was blocked by Faye. He looked at the woman on the ground in disbelief.

The doctor looked at the mess in the ward and asked the nurse to take Faye into the emergency room.

Matthew returned to reality soon. He looked at Luna with a gloomy face. He didn't expect that this woman would hurt her own daughter for carrying out her plan.

After a while, Faye was taken out of the emergency room. The doctor put her and Matthew in the same ward.

When Matthew saw Faye lying on the bed, he felt a little guilty and his heart ached.

Luna was dragged away by the security guards under Matthew's orders.

Matthew asked Gordon to send Luna and her daughter to Iceland right away.

When the woman knew that she was going to be sent there, she screamed hysterically. She still couldn't believe that the man would really send her to that horrible place.

Eileen also shouted at her father desperately.

The little girl didn't understand why her father was so cruel to her. At this moment, she no longer had any daughter's love for Matthew, and her heart was full of resentment.

On the bed, Faye felt a little headache because of the noises from the crazy mother and her daughter. She frowned and glanced at the man impatiently.

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