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   Chapter 114 Puppy Love

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All of a sudden, siren sounded... "Beep... " Hearing the siren, Jojo's heart was instantly relieved. It seemed that the police had arrived.

On the other hand the hooligans threw the weapons in hands and ran away as soon as they had heard the siren.

Jojo walked to the boys and helped them both up.

She looked at the blood all over Richard's face and wiped it for him in fear. Then she turned around and looked at the other boy, who made her stunned.

She didn't know there was such a handsome boy in the school. Looking at the girl who was stunned there, Richard thought he had frightened her.

He said to her carefully, "Thank you so much."

Jojo didn't come back to her senses until she heard the boy beside her talking. She sent the two boys to the nearest hospital.

It was at this time that Richard found himself in love with the girl who saved him. After he had recovered, he tried his best to find out that the girl was a junior high school student named Jojo.

He happily told the news to Matthew, only to get a perfunctory reply from his friend that he would repay her.

Seeing that his friend was not interested in her at all, Richard was a little happy. Did this mean that Matthew had no chance to chase Jojo? In that case, would he...

In the next few days, Richard quietly waited for Jojo to finish her class. Seeing her standing on the playground and laughing with her classmates, he became more and more obsessed with her.

When they were young, boys would share something with their friends.

"Matthew, I seem to fall in love with a girl." Richard was a little shy to discuss this with Matthew.

Matthew took a look at his friend. He thought it was better to focus on study now, but it seemed that Richard wouldn't listen to him. He sighed and said, "If you have a crush on her, go and chase her!"

Encouraged by his good friend, Richard felt that his world was lit up. He went to ask his classmates what girls would like.



"Matthew, do you like me?" Her clear voice interrupted Richard's steps. He found Matthew behind the tree in disbelief.

He didn't expect that Matthew would be with the girl he liked. He seemed to hear his heart broken voice.

Richard held the necklace tightly until it stabbed his hand. Blood flowed out of his hand and dropped on an unknown flower on the road. The petals were instantly dyed red.

He didn't hear how Jojo confessed her love to Matthew later because he couldn't continue standing there. He just suppressed his desire to rush out and swallowed all the bitterness silently.

Since the end of the birthday party, Matthew had noticed the change of his friend. He found that Richard, who had not been a serious student, was trying his best to recite English words.

Although he didn't know why his friend had changed, Matthew believed that it wouldn't be too bad to stimulate him.

Since Jojo met Matthew last time, the innocent seeds in her heart suddenly arose, although the boy refused her for the first time.

She was not discouraged. She believed that sooner or later Matthew would be touched by her true love as long as she never gave up.

In the following period of time, Jojo tried all kinds of excuses to get close to Matthew. Seeing this, Richard felt heartbroken.

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