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   Chapter 75 A Kiss

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After putting her son down, Faye picked up her phone and refreshed it several times. She was very happy to see the clean Internet.

Clicking and switching, she regained her sanity from the sudden excitement and only felt confused, 'The cyber violence wouldn't disappear all of a sudden without any reason. Who on earth helped me?'

Seeing that his mother suddenly stopped smiling and became serious, Tom was afraid that she would be sad again, so he tugged at the corner of her clothes nervously.

"Mom, why aren't you smiling?"

Noticing the uneasiness on the boy's face, Faye smiled, squatted down, hugged him, and kissed him. Rubbing his soft hair, she answered, "My baby, I'm very happy now. Don't worry."

After a pause, she smiled and continued, "I just don't know who have helped me. I want to find him or her and say thank you."

Hearing this, Matthew wore a smile on his face. He walked slowly behind Faye and walked around her from time to time, trying to attract her attention. The woman was dizzy by his actions and couldn't help but take a few steps back to sit on the bed with Tom in her arms, avoiding the man.

The man saw her action and walked a few steps forward. He took a piece of wet tissue from the bedside table and slowly wiped his hands. When he came back, he deliberately passed by the woman. Looking at the man coming over again, Faye felt that Matthew acted so strange today. She changed the direction with Tom in her arms and turned her back to him.

Tom knew his mother's confusion. He looked at Matthew with a smile and said to his mom, "You should thank Uncle Matthew, Mom! Uncle Matthew helped you."

Then she struggled to get down from her lap and ran to Matthew's and take his hands. He looked at Matthew with admiration.

"Uncle Matthew is awesome! He said as long as he had beaten bad guys away, Mom would be happy. He just made a few phone calls and called the great Vajra. Then the bad guy was defeated and ran a way!"

After saying that, Tom let go of the man's hands and danced excitedly.

Hearing this, Matthew's ears turned red, but his face was cold, showing that it was not worth mentioning to him at all.

He stood there and listened to the conversation between the mother and the son. He was looki

ach blossoms on the bed sheet, she felt as if she could smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers.

Matthew turned his head to look out of the window, only to find that the bunch of blooming roses in the parterre were not as fragrant as the lips of the woman just now. Thinking of this, he felt his heart softened.

After a long time, the man broke the silence between them. He looked at her side face and said, "Darling Faye, there are a lot of good and bad people in the entertainment industry. Would you like to come to work in my company?"

After hearing the man's words, Faye turned her head to look into his eyes. When the two eyes met, Matthew scratched his hair unnaturally and looked down at his shoes.

Without saying anything, Faye just looked at Matthew.

After a while, the man took a deep breath, turned his head to look into her eyes and said seriously, "Faye, I like Tom very much. I'll take care of his business."

Then he grabbed her hands.

Faye was stunned by the man's words. After a while, she thought of something and looked embarrassed.

But when she looked into his sincere eyes, she said nothing.

A warm feeling gradually came from the woman's hands. She felt at ease when she felt the man's big hand with distinct joints covering hers.

Although their relationship was fake, she didn't want to deny the warmth right now.

Just let her be selfish for a longer time.

The breeze blew the white curtain through the window, and the lace on it danced in the wind.

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