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   Chapter 56 Don't Be Too Open

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Matthew was amused by Faye's cute look and almost burst into laughter, but he held back his laughter and pretended to be aloof, saying, "Of course not!"

Then he acted like a woman, continuing, "Woman, don't fall in love with me." When she saw the man impersonate her, Faye felt shy and angry, thinking that he was duplicitous. She rushed forward and threw him on the sofa.

She half knelt on the sofa, put her hands on the man's shoulders, raised her upper body and looked at him fiercely.

The man was forced to lay down and saw the woman's face turned red because of overexertion, and her forehead was slightly sweaty. Her long eyelashes were fluttering, and her nose was straight, and the tip of her nose was round and cute. Her lips were full and tender, and there was a slight reflection in the light. Her hair on both sides was drooping and swaying in front of his chest, which made him feel itchy. She looked pure, and such an aggressive action could be seen from her pure appearance. It was not intimidating at all, but somewhat cute.

The man's eye expression suddenly became deep. He clamped his legs to keep her from moving, raised his hands around her waist, and pulled her closer to him. Feeling the heat source getting closer and closer, Faye suddenly felt something wrong and wanted to leave the current position.

She struggled to get up, but she couldn't make it because Matthew was the way stronger than she was. The violent movement made her face so red as if it was almost dripping blood.

The more she struggled, the tighter she was held. Until the softness of the woman's bosom hit the toughness of the man's chest. Because the most fragile part of a woman was hurt suddenly, her eyes quickly turned into tears of the pain.

At this time, Mrs. Anna went downstairs and looked toward the sofa when she heard the noise. When she saw the intimate posture of the young couple on the sofa, her face suddenly flushed. But she felt that she should do something, so she reminded them, "You two, behave yourselves. This is a public area."

Then she swallowed, turned around to avoid looking at them, and continued, "Don't... Don't be too open."

Hearing Mrs. Anna's words, the man loosened his hands. The woman quickly stood up and explained to Mrs. Anna with a red face, "Mom, it's not what you think." She tidied up her clothes as she was speaking, as if nothing had ha

rned her back to the man and whispered, "I'll go to see Tom." Then she ran away as fast as she could.

The woman's dress was lifted up a lot because of the fight just now. When she walked, he could see half of her snow-white thighs. The man's eyes followed her back. Looking at her shirt half tied in the dress and half hanging to her hip, he smiled unconsciously.

Seeing the woman close the door, Matthew tidied up his clothes and sat up to pour a glass of water.

The man raised his head to drink water, and his Adam's apple moved up and down rhythmically with the flowing water, making a gurgling sound.

In the children's room with a picture of Mickey Mouse on the wall, a two-layer sliding bed was placed beside the French window. A child knelt down on the bed. He was playing with a powerful car and sobbed from time to time.

At this time, the door of the room was gradually opened. The baby who was sobbing on the bed heard the door open and cried aloud in an instant. He threw the toy car aside, turned around, and turned his back to the door.

When she heard the sudden loud cry, Faye felt sorry and wanted to laugh. She picked up the toys on the road from the door to the bed, put them in the basket, and then sat on the edge of the bed.

The sudden sinking of the mattress made Tom know that his mother was coming closer. He shook off his mother's hand on his arm angrily and moved towards the wall, crying even louder. Noticing Tom's refusal, Faye forced him to sit on her lap. The child struggled for a while, stopped resisting, and obediently lay in his mother's arms.

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