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   Chapter 54 Estrangement among Colleagues

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After a long time, Faye finally recovered. Her face was still pale, her chest was still heaving violently, and her hands were trembling unconsciously. She looked at the man warily.

Matthew moved closer to her, tried to pull her shoulder, and wanted to say something.

Noticing that the man's shadow became longer and Faye felt more and more oppressive. She felt her heart tightened. Somehow, she pushed the man away with a sudden strength and ran away crying.

The words "You insulted me" disappeared with the woman's escape.

Matthew almost fell onto the ground. He tried to balance himself before he could stand firm.

Noticing that the woman was about to leave, he had instinctively wanted to grab her. He took a step forward, but failed. Only his fingertips touched the corner of the woman's clothes. The corner of her clothes slipped away, making the man feel empty in his heart. He raised his hand and looked at the woman's back disappearing. He felt very uncomfortable.

As she ran, she wiped her tears. She wanted to go back to her office directly, but when she thought of her discomfiture, she turned around and walked to the bathroom.

There was no one in the bathroom. The white ceiling lamp was shining on the tiles on the floor, which reflected the mop, bucket, and the crying woman.

There was a long mirror on the black long washbasin. The mirror was splashed with some water. It should be someone who threw the extra water on it when she washed her hands.

The mirror reflected the woman's face. Her hair was in a mess, her eyes were red and swollen, and her clothes were wrinkled somehow. She looked embarrassed and pitiful.

The woman took a deep breath, touched her chest, and held back her tears.

Faye looked at herself in the mirror carefully and washed her face before covering a part of her face with loose powder.

When she walked out of the bathroom, she found that apart from her slightly red eyes, she looked as a dignified and capable beauty in the office.

In the company, people had put aside their work and were divided into several small groups, whispering.

A bunch of female employees of the Business Department gathered together, and a short-haired woman came in and whispered to them. "Have you all heard that? Mr. Matthew brought her to the company."

Hearing this, other employe

ing, "Ms. Qiao, there have been some misunderstandings these days. Ha ha." He scratched his head with an embarrassed smile. Without saying a word, Faye moved the chair a little further from him. The manager continued, "I also added you to the full attendance bonus for this month. Generally, new employees won't get full attendance bonus for this month." He glanced at her and continued, "Ms. Qiao, I think highly of you. Here is the promotion application form. Please fill it out. Energetic girls like you make rapid progress in your work."

Glancing at the form, Faye said shortly, "Thank you, manager." Then she didn't say anything more.

The manager waited for a while and found that the atmosphere between the two had become very awkward before he left.

When the manager came out, other employees stopped whispering to each other, pretending to be busy, but their ears were raised high. Noticing that the manager was about to stand up, they got busy again.

Sitting in front of her desk, Ms. Yu's face turned red and blue in turns. She didn't know what was wrong with her just now. How could she treat Faye so rudely? If she really had a close relationship with Mr. Matthew and told him about it, she wouldn't be able to stay in the company any longer. Look at the manager, he even broke rules for Faye.

She paused for a while and took a few deep breaths. Then she picked up the documents that Faye had just sent to her and walked to her desk, "Ms. Qiao, I'm sorry that I neglected you just now because I had to discuss the receipts wit Mandy."

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