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   Chapter 53 Forbidding Him to Touch You

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The slight creak of the door made Matthew involuntarily look at the entrance that was slowly opening. After the woman had adapted to the light and opened her eyes, she just met the man's glance.

Only then did she find that the man's face was frosty and he was giving off the aura of "don't provoke me". The woman smiled at him and gently put her bag in the closet.

Matthew put down the time consuming magazine, stood up, and followed the woman, questioning her, "Why do you come back so late?" The woman was closing the cabinet door and didn't have time to answer. Seeing that the woman didn't answer his question, the man took two steps closer to her and said, "It's already half past twelve! Tom had cried for two hours before he fell asleep. Have you forgotten that you have a child?" Upon hearing this, Faye felt a heartache. She truly felt sorry for her son.

She thought that since she had a job now, she couldn't rely on Matthew all the time. After all, it was better to rely on herself than relying on anyone else.

She was afraid that the man would not let her go to work again after knowing what had happened today, and that Matthew would help her solve her troubles at work again, so she perfunctorily said to him, "A female colleague invited me out for dinner today. I didn't notice that I came back so late." Matthew didn't believe it. He sat on the bed with anger and turned to look at the wall. When she saw the man's childish look, Faye thought he was a little cute unexpectedly. She felt sweet in her heart. She said to him softly, "Thank you for taking care of Tom for me today." Noticing that the woman was unwilling to tell the truth and she even changed the topic, Matthew pulled the quilt over his head and refused to listen to her anymore. Seeing that, Faye smiled at the quilt and tiptoed to the bathroom to wash up.

Matthew heard that the woman left him and turned over with unreleased anger. Then he straightly went to bed.

The second day, in the CEO Office of the LG group.

The assistant took the documents and closed the door gently. After checking his schedule, Matthew found that he had four hours of his own today. He stood up and paced in the office, thinking about how to spend this tiny vacation.


woman was so angry that her heart beat fast. She only felt that her eyes were pale in an instant and her body shook. After stopping shaking, she said to the man, "You... You are making trouble out of nothing! Go home and make troubles to yourself. Don't delay my work!"

Because she was running too fast and now too angry, she only felt her mouth and tongue were dry and her throat hurt. This feeling made her cough violently, and her eyes were filled with tears. After the cough stopped, the woman's face turned pale. She wiped her tears with a tissue and stared at the man stubbornly.

Hearing the woman coughing, Matthew walked towards her unconsciously. At the same time, his heart suddenly ached. He raised his hand and wanted to hold her. But when he thought of the shameless man trying to touch her just now and she seemed to be used to it, he put his hand down ruthlessly. He continued saying coldly, "Work? That disgusting man almost touched your shoulder just now. Why don't you dodge? Do you enjoy being touched by a man?"

The manager hadn't touched her shoulder, so Faye didn't notice that she was devoting to work fully at that time. She thought Matthew deliberately distorted the facts and wronged her. The woman trembled with anger, but her mouth seemed to be covered with tape, unable to say a word.

The wind blew through the dark garage, and a leaf that was not swept away was blown up, swirling and falling on the ground. The two suddenly felt cold and trembled together.

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