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   Chapter 52 New Job

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Receiving the woman's promise, the father and the son breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at each other.

The three of them talked about some family fun before they left.

The next day would be the first day onboard for Faye. With light make-up, Faye wore a white silk shirt, a black suit and a skirt of the same color. She looked at the figure in the mirror from different angles and turned around from time to time to look at the back.

The woman in the mirror was painted with a thin layer of foundation and some light pink honey, and her face was white and red; her eyes were gray; pink Rouge was faintly dyed under her cheeks; her lips were lightly applied with a layer of grapefruit color, making her look capable and dignified.

It was almost dawn outside the window. The sky was only a little yellow, and the sun was still under the horizon.

Matthew had decided to appoint Faye as the manager assistant of Richard's company. Since it was her first day to work, Faye couldn't fall asleep at all in the previous evening. She got up before dawn and started making up herself in front of the mirror. At that time, Matthew and Tom were both still asleep.

It was time for the adults to go to work and for the child to go to the kindergarten. The house soon quieted down, and only the babysitter was busy cleaning.

In the Financial Department, Faye stood next to the manager. The manager was a man in his late 40s. His body had been deformed, and he was standing with a military belly. The belt was tied to the lower part of the navel, and his shirt was tied into his trousers, which looked a little funny. He was solemnly introducing Faye to more than a dozen employees of the Financial Department:

"This is the new employee, Faye Qiao. Let's work together and do our job well." After saying that, the employees clapped for welcome. After the introduction, the manager arranged went out.

Seeing that the manager wasn't there, several female workers whispered to each other and pointed at Faye from time to time. At this time, a petite and beautiful woman couldn't help asking her, "You look familiar. Are you the woman on the newspaper who tried to marry Mr. Matthew?" When she heard the question, Faye's heart tightened. It seemed that they really recognized her. But fortunately, they were not sure yet. Then she

ed a bit.

It turned out that she was too tired just now and took a nap by accident. She checked the time and found that only five minutes had passed. After taking a sip of coffee, Faye went back to work.

The clock on the wall pointed to eleven fifty. After Faye finished the last document finally, she rubbed between her eyebrows, stood up, and stretched herself. After locking the door, she could finally go home.

It was late at night. There was no light on the road except for the dim yellow street lamps. The dazzling light from the distance only lit up the road in front of them. As the car had driven away, the ground was dark and quiet again.

Finally, Faye arrived home. Carrying her briefcase, she opened the door tiredly. There was no one in the living room, and the room was quiet. Thinking that she hadn't seen her son for a whole day, Faye gently pushed the door of the children's room open. There was a small night lamp in the room. Under the dim light, only the ground could be seen clearly. A small figure was lying quietly on the bed, with rhythmic chest ups and downs, and steady breathing. The woman held her breath, stood in front of the bed for a while, kissed the child's forehead, and left the children's room.

When she pushed the door of the bedroom open, Faye was surprised to find that the light was still on in the room. Matthew was sitting on the bed in pajamas and waiting for her. The sudden light made the woman squint her eyes to protect her sight, and she couldn't see the man's facial expression not far away.

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